Preview - Naughty Bear - Ultra Violent Teddy Bears Attack!

To say that Naughty Bear looks like it is going to be a weird game would be an understatement. This is however what makes the A2M’s game so intriguing and unique. Players create a fairy tale nightmare in the upcoming sandbox game and assume control of the Naughty Bear as he tries to cause mass chaos in this furry fairy tale world.

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Lykon2910d ago

i love the silly/weird ott concept of this game, but will wait for reviews to see if the game play is actually worthy of a full price purchase....I'm not sure i like violence against teddy bears though tbh.

pat_11_52910d ago

I totally agree, It sounds like a fun game but whether the cool idea will translate well is yet to be seen.

fireatwill412910d ago

From the trailers and videos online, this game looks awesome. It looks like there will be multiple ways to dispose of the enemy teddy bears from bear traps to cake mixers. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

rdgneoz32910d ago

I like the concept of the game, and hoping it plays well. With the violence towards teddy bears, if people don't mind games where you can shoot a character that looks like a real life person and see blood squirt out, or blow people up and find it OK, I don't see why killing a stuffed animal is so bad. Hell, Red Dead I love playing and its gotten high reviews, and you can hog tie a nun and throw her on train tracks and watch her get run over, or drag someone behind your horse till they die, as well as numerous animals and then skin them. Also, with the price, its 50.