The Best (And Worst) Videogame Endings

With the aftermath to the Lost finale still brewing, we at Dealspwn thought it was a perfect time to remember our favourite, and not so favourite, videogame endings, from the emotional and the exhilarating, to the downright bad and ugly.

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ll_UNDERSCORE_ll2995d ago

Playing as raiden in MGS2:SOL (original copy) killed the experience let alone the ending. I was hoping he would get killed off somehow by solidus. Well maybe he'll get killed in the MGS spin-off (crossed fingers)

SlaughterMeister2995d ago

Raiden is an awesome character, and a new rookie perspective is exactly what MGS2 needed to properly introduce The Patriots.

ll_UNDERSCORE_ll2995d ago

The patriots could of been introduced without raiden , he wasn't needed . Let alone play as him half the game. Im guessing your thinking raiden is awsome now cause he's a cybernetic ninja with attitude now, I don't care how much hideo sugar coated him in MGS4 or his production will sugar coat him in his own upcoming spin-off, he'll always be remembered in my eyes as like you said a rookie. A rookie who was created to attract a more audience at the time. IMO of course.

PaLaK-2995d ago

It would be impossible for Raiden to live up and fill Snake's boots, people think he's crap because they compare him to snake but don't compare and he isnt that bad!

About him dieing..
BTW he won't get killed off as far as I know as the game focuses on how he became a cyberninja and the period before MGS4, as at the end of MGS4 he becomes normal again and settles down no so hes not a cyberninja? So he cant die otherwise MGS4 can't have happened..

ThanatosDMC2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

He had a long dialogue with him crying like a little *****. Seriously hated the game for Raiden replacing Snake before even half of the game.

Not to mention the ending sucked. It was a random wrap up out of nowhere. Snake appears out of nowhere next to him?! I mean, WTF was that?!

Good thing MGS3 made everything so much better. Best ending ever.

Alcon Caper2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

I liked MGS2's ending. Probably because of its originality.

The best ending of all time for me, however, is Star Control 2.

Anyone who has beaten it will agree...

Dr-ZOOM2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

You could also get to play as Snake in that spin-off

knight6262995d ago

Why is everyone hating on God of War 3 ending it thought it was good wont say is the the best ending ever but only because they said they changed the ending people are getting butt hurt for it...

Also with MGS2 might not be the best ending but it was ok kind of left everyeone wondering whats going to happen but isnt that the point of endings?

Chubear2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

I hated the GoW3 ending. It was the worst ending of the three for sure. At the end of GoW1&2 I was literally roaring like a mad man with excitment but GoW3 I was left with a "wtf?!" moment.

It was anticlimactic for me. Don't know what they plan to do with DLC but the game it's self should have had an ending that pumped you up like the other two.

MGS2's ending was incredible and I loved it. The disappointment of Raiden as the main Xter wore off longer before the end of the game.

Acquiescence2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Good endings

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Bad endings

Alan Wake

ThanatosDMC2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Resistance 2 has the ultimate WTF cliff hanger... seriously, was that a f***ing planet?!

Dont watch if you havent played the game!!!

"Forgive me sir. It was an honor."

Madis0072995d ago

Where the hell is Mafia?
You all failed

NumeroUno2995d ago

Mass Effect 1 and 2 should both be on the "Best Ending" list. I mean, the ending is really up to the player and it puts a lot of pressure on you to develop relationships with your squad and to be pretty badass in battle.

IMO ME1's ending was more epic than ME2, but after I beat ME2, I couldn't help but want to play the next game...right away.

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