What if Valve updated Counter-Strike like TF2?

Valve have returned to the most popular “Shooting people in the head” simulator since CIA Assassination Camp ‘63, adding achievements and all sorts of player stats. Particularly important are the new “lifetime achievements” screen, almost sarcastically accurate for people still complaining about camping.

But what would Counter-Strike be like if they’d been supporting it like Team Fortress 2?

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BlackIceJoe2995d ago

I would really enjoy to see Valve support Counter-Strike more. They have been recently with Counter-Strike Source. But truthfully I want to see Valve make Counter-Strike 2. That to me would be awesome. I really hope with Valve is doing with Counter-Strike Source is just to get ideas out there that they want to bring to a Counter-Strike 2. That to me at least would be awesome. So I hope some day soon Valve will bring out CS2.