Tal Rasha: Diablo Lore Special Preview by DiabloWiki

With Diablo III (hopefully) around the corner it's about time you started reading up on the background story. And why not doing that in small little bitesized chunks, to make sure you're not choking on the big library that holds the Diablo universe.

Take Tal Rasha for instance, the most powerful mage of the Horadrim.

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Elly2727d ago

Very sinister. I find him more scary then Diablo. It's that smirk that does it I think.

Cogo2727d ago

This dude is pure evil. I mean, Diablo is just a force of power. This is like malicios.

Maticus2727d ago

That's one scary-looking dude

Chazmers2727d ago

that is a face for the radio for sure!

King Klear2727d ago

I'm actually currently reading through the Diablo Books, so I've got to be careful around spoilers...

Cogo2727d ago

Well, all of this is in the game, mostly.

Bandreus2727d ago

I'm so excited about D3 going to put the lore more in the face of the players. Diablo lore is so good

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