Man Plans To Sue Microsoft Over Several Dead Consoles

The Xbox 360 is a great system and has a lot to offer gamers — but it’s not without it’s flaws. One of those flaws was, and still is it’s somewhat unreliable hardware.

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Das_Bastardion2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

That is the most fvcking retardad statement I have fvcking read in a very long time... and of course... it's a lie.

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hazelamy2994d ago

i would disagree, it is a great system and does offer a lot to gamers, i've got plenty of great games for my 360, it's just that it's not the most reliable piece of hardware ever.

ceedubya92995d ago

I've actually enjoyed the games and experiences that I've had with the 360. And its obvious that that are plenty of people in the world that are enjoying it as well. So, perhaps that statment isn't too far off. It is an opinion though, and obviously you don't agree with it.

The Dark Knight2995d ago

i got all consoles, and quality wise the 360 is terrible, i could ramble on how much times its screwed up on me but i ended up buying a new one. But oh how i love my ps3 :D

madpuppy2995d ago

I'm sorry but that is my first concern, Quality of the Hardware should be the highest concern next to great games, If either one is bad then it is money NOT well Spent.

El Botto2995d ago

Except that Ive enjoyed the same games and same experience (minus a few exceptions) and tons more experiences on the PS3.

And the quality is the best and the online is free and I can watch Blu Ray movies on it.

IaMs122995d ago

personally the games comes first when deciding which console i want to buy then its console quality. At the time the PS3 just released so i purchased a 360 instead. Cheaper, friends owned it, alot more games, and Live. Now the PS3 has come along way and they both have great games to offer. If you like the PS3, fine you see me bashing you for choosing the PS3? NO, if you like the 360 fine, its that persons decision to buy a 360. You may want to point out the pro/cons to the person for each console but why the F*@K do you bash someone for making their OWN decision?

Anon19742995d ago

My first 360 died just after the original 90 day warranty expired. In Canada, Microsoft charged $170 to fix this. Having spent $500 on my console, I coughed up the $170.

Later, Microsoft extended the warranty to one year and it was just after one year that my second 360 died on me. There went another $170, although MS said they'd refund my original $170 I paid the first time.

The third console they sent me was noisy as hell and, as I found out weeks later, was happily gouging circles in all my games. Disk scratching units weren't covered by the warranty after one year so, even though they had just shipped me the disk scratching unit they wanted another $170 to repair it. Thankfully, after the second unit went I bought an extended warranty for $75 which saved me from having to spend $170 again.

Microsoft never did refund me those two $170 charges on their own. I had to call back after months of not seeing anything from them and then they claimed they had no record of my previous repairs. After countless lost hours with them I finally had to fax them a copy of my credit card bill to prove that they had, indeed, charged me for the two repairs. Almost three years after buying my 360 I finally received that money back.

Xbox 360 number 4 doesn't get much use.

kunit22c2995d ago

yeah, and I also enjoyed the experience I had with my Wii, that was until I finally got a PS3, now I see what all I was missing out on...

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Hanif-8762995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

The PS3 provides an unparalleled gaming experience for millions of customers every day, not the Xbox360. Therefore, Microsoft should get their facts right. Most of the Xbox360 games are multi-platform with about 7 exclusive titles which is just ridiculous with being on the market for more than 5 years.

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ceedubya92995d ago

There are still people buying 360s and enjoying the games that they have.

I have a PS3 and a 360, and even if I did favor one more than the other, I still enjoy my experience with both. I don't care which one carries the most exclusives. As long as there are games that I want to play on either console, that's money well spent for me.

Double Toasted2995d ago

Unparalleled? Ha! Damn, that one had my side hurting.

HolyOrangeCows2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

I'm still angry that they didn't recall the 360 and fix the design long ago.

IdleLeeSiuLung2995d ago

Although I think the lawsuit is justified against MS, it should have been done long ago before the 3-year warranty was issued. At this point in time, legally it doesn't hold any water.

I also believe that MS would have fixed the flaw long ago if they could, because any company will fix their problems REALLY QUICK if it hits their bottom line and hurts their profit.

With that said, I know people whom have had problems with both the PS3 and Xbox 360 (seems the Wii is the only exception), but I have had no problems what so ever in all these years.

D4RkNIKON2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Who would disagree with that?

Dr-ZOOM2995d ago

The design is perfect... for making money :D

kunit22c2994d ago

there are some really deluded and just plain f***ed up Microsoft fanboys in here that just disagreed with you... just WTF?!
Also 360 fanboys on this site NEVER have any good arguments because they don't look at facts, and if they did they wouldn't have a 360 in the first place..

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topgeareasy2995d ago

buying a flawed console for multiple times or even the first time

BeaArthur2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Agreed, I love my 360 but I have already had to have it repaired once and don't know if I would have it fixed again. I don't know what type of case this guy has; I mean how many times are you going to buy it before you start to think "hey this might not be a good investment".

booni3...DISAGREE, he has no chance. People buy defective equipment all the time and they don't sue.

rockleex2995d ago

But that doesn't excuse the defective rates of those equipment.

There's a standard maximum defective rate that all companies have to reach before they can start selling their products.

Chances that he'll win this case? Zero. Lol.

booni32995d ago

AGREE if you think he has a chance at winning
DISAGREE if you dont.

imho M$ will eat him in the courthouse -.-

kneon2995d ago

I'm not so sure about that, have any other such cases made it to trial? If it went to court Microsoft might very well be forced to disclose the failure rate, I doubt they would want to do that as it's embarrassingly high. If the case isn't thrown out then I expect them to settle before it goes to court.

JustTheFactsMr2995d ago

The problem is when you buy your first one you start building up a library of games which are often if not usually more money spent than the console. So you get stuck in a vicious cycle of paying the repairs each time or ditching your library and having to re-buy on other consoles etc. Or buying another unit when you realize they are sending you refurbished units that already failed before.

Know somebody who is on his 6th unit. He just felt stuck because he couldn't bite the bullet of trading it all in and getting something that worked. People have a problem letting go after investing all that cash. It's like admitting they were taken for a ride. Hold on to and they dont have to admit they were suckered. People are funny that way. Especially if they were vocal about how the PS3 sucked in comparison because they had soaked up the marketing blitz.

It's also funny how the article says he must have bad luck. Nothing to do with luck. Systemic.

My Xbox from 2004 is probably still firing up somewhere in someones basement. Gave it away in 2008 and it was still working. The first Xbox died after 3 years with disc reading problems but it was still fine otherwise. Still felt like we at least got value over the 3 years. 3 months. Nah.

After the 360 fiasco I'll never buy another console from MS after being quite happy with the Xbox. Even if it was $49. Just couldn't be bothered with the hassle from a company that thought that shipping out crap to beat the competition was more important than their customers. They dumped a pile of junk on people. For lots of people like college students and teenage kids it was money they had to scrape together on their own.

PaLaK-2995d ago

BUY A PS3!!!

That's like getting ripped off at a shop somewhere but going back for more when there's an alternative which is just as good or better depending on your opinion, stupid guy...

Anon19742995d ago

Most US states have Lemon Laws that cover this type of thing for both cars and computers and computer components. If a company sells you a computer or printer or the like, and that unit doesn't work they have to either make it work or replace or refund with a unit that does.

Microsoft replaces broken Xbox 360's with refurbed, broken Xbox 360's and it's not surprising that they often break again. This guy and every 360 owner have every right to purchase a product that works. We're not talking about a $15 toaster here, we're talking about a pricey piece of technology that doesn't perform as advertised.

And the guy is right, Microsoft lied about it for years. I got caught up by the lies as well. I would have never bought a 360 if I had known about the failure rates, but at the time Microsoft was lying through their teeth that there was no problem. I figured the internet rumors about a high failure rate were just a loud minority. If there was a problem, surly to god Microsoft wouldn't be able to simply lie about it for a year, could they?

Turns out they could, and they did. This isn't simply a matter of "buyer beware". This is a case of a well known company aware of issues with their product setting out to screw people over. And screw they did.

negative2995d ago

"Why Didn't he/ doesn't he...
BUY A PS3!!! "

Because he wants the better gaming experience. Simple as that.

Corepred42995d ago

last i checked you can't enjoy a gaming experience if your system is constantly breaking.

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lodossrage2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

How the hell do you buy any machine over and over again knowing they constantly breakdown? Even putting money toward the warranty over and over again is just as bad. That's as bad as those people that ate mcdonald's for god knows how long and had the nerve to sue mcdonald's saying "we're suing because it made us fat"

Denethor_II2995d ago

That's as bad as those people that ate mcdonald's for god knows how long and had the nerve to sue mcdonald's saying "we're suing because it made us fat"

Good analogy.

Adrela2995d ago

Knowing they constantly breakdown? I would like to know how many hours this guy puts into his 360. Obviously a good amount of time considering how he has, "several" dead consoles and is planning to sue over it.
Honestly, I've noticed that most of the people who got RROD played their 360 too much. My friend's has RROD 3 times on his 3 year old 360 and he plays a solid 7 hours each day. My cousins? He's had his since its release and he plays it maybe 2 hours each day, not a single RROD. :/
I think people really just dig themselves into a hole. Go ahead, disagree.

Denethor_II2994d ago

Yeah but what if after a gaming session you want to watch a movie? If I said "well you should turn that of before it breaks" you would probably tell me to go fu ck myself.

Adrela2994d ago

A gaming session of how many hours? That is what I'm getting at. A lot of gamers put too many hours into playing and that can really stress the console out.

Ares84PS32995d ago

....fool me twice shame on me.

Isn't that how the saying goes??? So who is the dumbass here really?? MS or this man?

Pillville2995d ago

"There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again." - George W. Bush

hazelamy2994d ago

i think that answers the question "is our children learning?"

Dellis2995d ago

MS has the 3 year warranty and you get free consoles fixes/replacement, this dude is lost

BeaArthur2995d ago

That's only on the RRoD and maybe the E74 error (I'm not sure). But all other failures are only under the standard 1 year warranty.

mrv3212995d ago

I believe it only covers RRoD and E74 after some people became suspicious that after a new update the number of RRoD cases declined and E74 sky rocketed, some said that Microsoft changed how the console read the internal errors and gave a E74 instead of RRoD so Microsoft didn't have to replace. 1 week later Microsoft said that the 3 year warranty cover E74 now.

I remember this because I remember the article and the game I was playing at the time. COD:WAW one of the maps with a cafeand streets on fire at night.

ASSASSYN 36o2995d ago

My cousin just had his 2 year old lite60 repaired with an E-74 error under warrnety. It states at E-74 is covered.

Q: My console has three flashing red lights or an E74 error. Is this covered by warranty?

A: The warranty period for three flashing red lights and the E74 error is three years from the original purchase date of the console. If your console is out of the three year warranty period, you can still receive console repair service from Microsoft for a fee.

sikbeta2995d ago

And for you that's Enough, right?

I don't know how people still dealing with this, I mean, It may not cost you money, But it really Cost You Time...