Level 5 Expanding Overseas

Level-5 formally announced today (in Japan) that Level-5 International America Inc will be formed in Santa Monica, California this September.

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kingdavid3038d ago

Great stuff. Good studio branching overseas.

Davoh3037d ago

didn't Square-Enix expand overseas as well before turning to the dark side or was it after, lol.

knight6263037d ago

yay more companies where i have a chance to get hired just need to finish school

Commander TK3038d ago

Maybe Sony will buy them. However, Lvl5 make a lot of profit from Nintendo games

booni33038d ago

Uhoh, guess you know what that means....
AAA Powerhouse ps3 exclusive is take off

Commander TK3038d ago

From Software made Demons Souls


Why does have Sony to buy every studio around? This isn't even their main strategy for 1st party! Sony made studios their own mature enough to split and them they employ more people so their studios get bigger.

Sure they buy some studios, but only when the studio shows interest and being part of Sony venture in the gaming market. Not just payolla buy out.

Just like Insomniac, Sony offered them to buy the studio, Insomniac choosed not to. Level 5 alredy showed no interest and being bought, since they are trying to enter into the publishing business, they are not just developers anymore. This move to have a branch in western, if anyting, just reinforce they shitft from developers to publishers.

Palodios3038d ago

Santa Monica huh... Anyone up for God of War RPG?

reintype3038d ago

They'll be next door neighbors to Sony Santa Monica aka "The God of War Studio".

iHEARTboobs3037d ago

Naughty Dog is in Santa Monica also.

Da One3038d ago

Now they don't have to depend on anybody

SpoonyRedMage3038d ago

This is good for their smaller games but I think they're likely to be extremely happy with their partnerships with Sony, Nintendo and Square Enix. They owe all three quite a bit.

Da One3038d ago

They can publish the ip's that they own without sacrificing a lot of the profit from them.

I love Level 5 because of all the games they made for Sony. So even if they still work with Nintendo, SE and Sony i'd still be happy.

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The story is too old to be commented.