Famitsu software sales (5/24 - 5/30)

The latest software top ten sales estimates in Japan from Famitsu have been released. Alan Wake and Super Mario Galaxy 2 make their first appearance on the charts.

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Valay2996d ago

I'm very interested to see Galaxy 2's first week numbers. I highly, highly doubt it passed New Super Mario Bros. Wii though.

Ziriux2996d ago

Damn, Alan Wake should be higher on thatlist it's a great game everyone should try.

kingdavid2996d ago

And you're a mediocre troller. Thats why you have one bubble

topgeareasy2996d ago

top ten

hell is getting colder lol

Titanz2996d ago

Its just a "PS3 and Nintendo" race in asia(Sorry ring of death! xD)

iistuii2996d ago

Its all Nintendo by the looks of things.lost planet 2 & Winning 11,not a very good show for PS3 in the top 10 in the country of it's origin so i wouldn't crow about it too much.

tatotiburon2996d ago

wow alan wake in the first top ten?? AMAZING...bu bu bu bu but the game didn't sell hahaha...

nice job remdey totally deserved

ProjectVulcan2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Well to be fair that chart doesnt actually tell us how many it sold. It just sold enough to chart in tenth or eleventh? It seems these are the official mediacreate figures, and not famitsu's estimates:


Well if this chart is true, im guessing that means it is eleventh, having sold some number under 16 thousand from Death smiles.

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