Online Player Seeks Real Life Revenge

Seven months after being virtually knifed in an online game of Counter-Strike, a 20-year old French gamer tracked down his online killer and stabbed him in the chest. Julien Barreaux hunted down his victim, identified only as Mikhael, after falling under his knife in a November 2009 game of CS.

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Umbrella Corp2968d ago

This guy has nothing else going on?

rroded2968d ago

packing a grudge like that over 2 years n acting out on it dude needs to b taken out of the gene pool

CrAppleton2968d ago

Haha, no kidding. This dude has issues

lociefer2968d ago

lol imagine if this kid was playin cod or bfbc2 , half of the world population would be endangered

Neco5122968d ago

hahaha! Seriously, this kid should be sent to a mental institution for life

Neco5122968d ago

Really, this guy took it a little too far

Heisenberg2968d ago

Like none of you have ever spent several years hunting someone down who killed you in an online game and then stabbed them in the heart... We've all done it once or twice.

Seriously though... only 2 years for a batshît insane motherfücker like that.... Can't wait to play him online in 2012. How does someone get only 2 years for attempted murder? One that he planned and had years to think about but still went through with it... That's not heat of the moment, that's a psycho. People get more time than that for theft or drug charges for christ sake.

Leio2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

"Humiliation" Hahaha !

Sorry but i cant stop it ;D

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Joni-Ice2968d ago

Thats attempted Murder.

CrAppleton2968d ago

Right? You would think that he would get more than just two years. I wonder if the dude he stabbed will move now

yog-sothot2968d ago

true, but unfortunately in some european countries (such as Belgium, where I live) criminals are almost never punished with more than a few years.

Even a murderer can easily be released after less than 10 years (actually, even the "life in jail" means only 10 years at the most, with a few exceptions). And in my country, if you're condemned to less than 2-3 years, you are released immediately (not a single day of prison).

This is ridiculous, sad and disguting, but that's the way it is...

AssassinHD2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Not only is it attempted murder, but it is also clearly premeditated. Psychiatric testing or not, I don't believe that two years even begins to cover what he should be required to serve.

HolyOrangeCows2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

He should be in a psychiatric ward for at least twice that amount of time.

I've always found France's legal system to be sickeningly lenient. At least from the things I've heard about it.

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CrAppleton2968d ago

Next up, "Online T-bagger, T-bags in real life"

Neco5122968d ago

LMAO, now that's a headline I'd like to see

Obama2968d ago

2 years? and female teachers having sex with her students can get up to 60 years of sentence. Wow.

Corepred42968d ago

agree with you all the way. sentences should be switched! we need more of those female teachers to make school more interesting, lol.

hay2968d ago

Agreed. It's to late for me but let's give those kids a bit of quality fun!

HarryM2968d ago

How does this keep happening on N4G

Here's the first post about it on N4G:

Corepred42968d ago

lol submitted by you. lol don't get mad man it happens. this one just happened to get more degrees than yours did. it was probably the picture you used, sad to say but this picture is a lot more attention grabbing than the one you used. what can i say, humans are simple, lol.

no_more_trolling2968d ago

ur headline sucks
now go back to crying...boohoo

hay2968d ago

Wow, such ironic username.

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