8.0 UFC Undisputed 2010 Review

I’m 800 odd seconds into a 900 second fight. I can’t see straight. My lungs are screaming for more oxygen than I can deliver through my mouth guard and busted nose. My arms, legs, shoulders and any other body part you care to dream up is on fire. I feel like I weigh twice as much as I did 15 minutes ago.

He’s coming at me again….I feint right and throw a haymaker but he’s seen it coming and countered with a stiff jab…but I know that’s what he would do, the bum’s been doing it all night. I get him in a clinch, my speciality is Muay Thai and believe you me, you don’t want me to get you in a clinch. He knows this, his breathing has become even more rapid and I see his eyes widen, his neck struggles to break my hold, but I ain’t going nowhere chump.

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