100° to Host Live Video of Nintendo's E3 Presentation

Nintendo’s E3 Presentation will begin at 9 a.m. Pacific on Tuesday, June 15.

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SpoonyRedMage3031d ago

Nice, don't have to snoop around for a good feed now.

Hideo_Kojima3031d ago

EA and MS did that last year too.
I hope Sony does as well.

PS - I know it is hard to do but I still wish that Sony will starts showing E3s inside PS Home Live.

Valay3031d ago

I know they've streamed it at least a few times before, and it's looked pretty good.

Lucreto3031d ago

I might watch there then.
What time is the conference in BST?

darkcharizard3031d ago

I really wish Nintendo has the best e3 of them all!

Hey guys do you think it's possible that Nintendo shows us a new peripheral for the Wii? Not a peripheral like Mario Kart Balloon, but something Über-cool like Project Natal. Something that will have good enough storage, and the added capability of making the Wii HD capable.. Is it impossible?

N4g_null3031d ago

You will see the new Zelda and what motion control is all about. You will see the 3ds and if your in NYC I think they will have it there for people to try.

Hd output, it's not going to happen until the next system maybe the 3ds will have a hdmi out put also? Only a few people have seen it yet.

I believe a new wii mote is coming also. Another thing is some are suggesting nintendo is going to offical support hdtvs that can display the wii correctly. I know it's possible I have 3 of them and they are not cheap.

More stuff is coming also lots of rumors from devs them selves. E3 is going to be fun.

Oh yeah here is another fun fact they now make sd cards bigger than blu Ray disk and the read even faster. They hold like 2,000 gigs now read speed is almost 300 mb/sec. Does the 3ds support this? I guess we will see. You know nintendo loves solid state memory.

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The story is too old to be commented.