Study: Developers Claim 13 Weeks Of Crunch Per Year

Crunch has long been a hot-button topic in the industry, becoming of the most sensitive quality of life issues for developers. This year for the first time, Game Developer Research asked game developers to quantify how much time they spend on crunch, in terms of both weeks per year and hours per week.

On average, according to research made availabler exclusively to Gamasutra, developers said they work 39.7 hours per week when not in crunch, putting game developer working hours right in line with the widespread 40-hour standard.

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worm20102913d ago

I work 9hrs a day for 5 days and then i work for 5 hours every second saturday morning, plus when people are on holidays i have to cover for them, i get called into work at 2am quite often to help customers with breakdowns and urgent orders. I thought they were always crying cause they had to work like 80hr weeks all the time

P.s : I dont get paid $75,000(us) a year for it either
Poor little game programers!

2913d ago