Characters Who Don't Deserve Their Own Games

Game Informer: Last week, we ran a news story about Charles Martinet (voice of Mario) and his desire to see a game starring Waluigi. Despite the purple plumber's inescapable charm and wealth of star power (suitable for numerous franchises), many of you voiced your disapproval.

While Waluigi seems to be a polarizing choice for a lead protagonist role, there are others throughout gaming history that would be undoubtedly worse. Here's our list of the characters that should never receive top billing with their own title.

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Demons Souls3035d ago

Johnny Sasaki is good enough to have his own game. His IBS could be like Snake's stress meter and in MGS4 the AI could smell you as you get out of a trash can. Johnny Sasaki is a hell of a lot better than Raiden. Raiden shouldn't get his own game because he sucked in MGS2 and he sucked even more in MGS4.

Also, WTF @ Pit being on the list.

Even though RE4's merchant probably wouldn't be a good game, I wouldn't mind knowing some more about his story (surely they can make something interesting out of it).

SOAD3035d ago

Raiden sucked in MGS4? Did you even play the game? Raiden was an ass-kicking, slice-and-dice ninja assassin in MGS4.

I assume you're just trolling again because MGS Rising isn't a PS3 exclusive.

Megaton3035d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

Raiden always sucks, he just sucked in an androgynous cyborg way in MGS4. Couldn't stop laughing at how stupid it was at the end, him with no arms and a sword in his mouth.

If there's any character I wanted to get their own MGS game, it would have been The Boss. Raiden probably would have made the bottom of my list.

ROFL @ all the disagrees. I guess this is where Raiden's mancrush fan club has been hiding all these years.

Galaxia3034d ago

I wanted Raiden to die so much in MGS4, yet every time it seemed like he finally died, he came back again. He was so annoying. However I didn't mind him in MGS2. He was definitely the worst part of MGS4 though.

Oh and Xiphos. A Metal Gear game about The Boss would be amazing. I hope Rising gets canceled, and something about The Boss is made instead. Or at least PW on the PS3.

Bobbykotickrulesz3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

I had to laugh at the article's picture.

What a sweet ass...

Conloles3034d ago Show
twostep183034d ago

its a joke lol chill out
no need to start slinging the homo word

Crusade3034d ago

Thank you. The attempt at making raiden "cool" in mgs4 made me hate him more in mgs4 than in mgs2.

TheDeadMetalhead3034d ago

"Jason is the faster of the two and has a unique camouflage ability, but his limited health makes him a better choice for expert players."


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Umbrella Corp3035d ago

Lol I was thinking the same thing about Sasaki,when he took off his mask I got a vibe of a young Solid Snake for some reason.

Quagmire3035d ago

*Looks at Johnny Sasaki Picture*

*Sticks forks in eyes*

But someone who DOES need their own game is Victor-Goddamn-Sully from Uncharted in his own uncharted adventure. Or maybe tails?

JOLLY13035d ago

Pit....was the character from Kid Icarus. THey didn't make him up from scratch. I guess someone is a new gamer.

Jrlibrarian3035d ago

I'm going to laugh if they finally announce Kid Icarus during E3 this year, just based on this guy's complete hatred for Pit.

rakunado3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

Wonder whats with your disagree jolly1 when its fact... lol

GuruStarr783034d ago

before you get your panties in a bunch, read the whole part about's called sarcasm.......

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