This Land Is Our Land - Red Dead Redemption [Spoilers]

Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption stews in a cynicism that borders on “easy”. Everyone you meet is a crook, or a victim. Leaders are selfish, dick-led, and evil, those who follow them are naïve, and the folks who don’t take a side are usually chasing their own scam or succumbing to their own vices. (Calling the slobbering drunk “Irish” is one of Rockstar’s laziest moments.) Those few who are out to forge an honest life – the protagonist among them – should expect hardship. While the backdrop of the game hints at the changing times and the death of the West, aside from one jalopy, you never see a sign of it – and you also don’t see any romance. As the coked-up anthropologist Harold MacDougal says, he expected to find the glory of the west, but when he got there, “It was just people killing each other!”

(This article contains vague spoilers about the arc of the game, so caveat surfer.)

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