Nintendo Wii is Bad for the Entire Industry

Craig H writes: "Nintendo has proven that a system can sell without having the latest and greatest components inside. This of course means an overall lower production cost for hardware which we all know means a bigger return for the company manufacturing it. Since every company exists to make money, it appears the other two major players in the hardware biz have taken notice. Gaming has always had that “me too” element, in that if something succeeds, it will inevitably end up on the competitions machine as well."

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darkcharizard3035d ago

needs to write "I R TROLLED" on his forehead!

vgn243035d ago

So just because they like the DSi means it's okay for them to bash the Wii? You post R confuse Mii? ^_^

asdr3wsfas3035d ago

Don't ever make that cute anime smiley again. >:|

dangert123035d ago

i personally don't mind familiy or party games.
but they should only let the best throught not all.
if i was sony and ms.
i would not allow fitness and party games to be made by 3rd party devs thus stoping the influx of shovel ware and making a big profit but with out ripping of customers

vgn243035d ago

You find my smiley "cute" oobob? creepy! ;o_o;

rockleex3035d ago

Hopefully Sony sticks to advanced technology.

But without Ken Kuturagi, the chances are slim.

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whateva3035d ago

because it lets the Game Industry know that games should be fun above all.

Graphics can get outdated in just a year but a fun game you can go back year after year & it will still be fun.

NecrumSlavery3035d ago

Wii makes devs lazy. If shovelware sells $20-$60, then why put in the effort to actually make something good.

RageAgainstTheMShine3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

why make a game much better than sub HD when the $75 M profit is already in our pockets even before the game gets published?

but the article is crap. Nintendo is an experienced toy company who made all the smart moves against the rivals' weaknesses.

gtamike3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

I only got it cause there's so many Zombies games on it.
Im a resident evil fan and hated resident evil 5 (dlc was better), I like resident evil darkside chronicles alot cause it did feel like a resident evil game (zombies and story).

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jphelps803035d ago

I agree that the Wii is horrible when it comes to shovelware, but the 360 and ps3 had shovelware before and would have even without a Wii on the market! Nintendo is doing their thing. Stop hating on em.

vhero3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

Its not about the wii having shovelware its the sheer amount of it. 90% of wii games are shovelware with ps360 only about 5% games are shovelware that's a HUGE difference. Sure that will probably increase with the MOVE and NATAL but thanks to the need for impressive graphics to sell you can bet it will never get near wii's 90%. There is at least 1 shovelware game per week for the wii.. Just like with the DS.

Kos-Mos3035d ago

Well here`s a man that eats anything.

Inside_out3035d ago

Wii games should be $30 at the most, some $10...It is pure greed in the worst form that they sell games with game boy graphics at full price....trying to play my Wii on a HDTV or anywhere else will make your eyes bleed....Are the games like Wii sports fun...yes...for about 20 mins...Mario games all look the same at this point...Nintendo doesn't NOW....they will soon starting with E3....I predict this holiday season, Nintendo execs spend more time with there and see....Shareholders in a panic over

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SpoonyRedMage3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

Look at the financials of most publishers, most are losing lots of money and they're not losing it on Shovelware, they're losing it on HD titles. HD titles cost too much to make and the sales don't cover costs except for the biggest titles, publishers have been covering the costs with the shovelware. Ubisoft posted a massive loss because DS owners aren't buying their shovelware any more.

If the shovelware wasn't being made the majority of publishers would be already out of business. That's the crash that was coming and the Wii had nothing to do with that.

In fact if you look at the industry as a whole it seems it's doing alright, take out Nintendo and the industry's in the crapper. There's only a handful of other publishers who are even profitable and even Sony and MS aren't profitable this gen.

MisterAV3035d ago

I don't agree with you, if publisher know that a game can't be profitable they won't do it. It's stupid to do an HD game, lose money and plan to recover with shovelware.
Wii is the cause because without it there isn't a way to recover. You must do a good game or you're probably out of business. Just that...
And is the cause also because it demonstrated that stupid games can be profitable so many doesn't even try to do something better...

Gr813035d ago

Spoony. Also Mister, that's not really something you can agree or disagree with, its fact. Many games have lost money despite selling well. GTA4 sold large amounts and guess what? Take 2 still posted a multi million dollar loss. Ubi admitted that the shovelware funded big budget HD games, it is a very stupid practice, but guess what? many businesses are run by very stupid people. You say a game will only get made if its garaunteed to be profitable? There's no such thing as a garauntee. Period.

Wii is bad for the industry...If you guys ever read Sean Malstrom, you'd see that he would say that same thing lol. But rather than bitch about it, that's why he's a fan of the Wii. Here's the thing, take Nintendo out of the equation and things look ridiculously bleak for gaming. I mean 4-5 years in and the HD consoles have only sold between 35-40m consoles each? Publishers continuing to bleed money during a recession? Read the financials, not the fanboy posts, and you get a totally different picture painted. I mean here's Nintendo making billions in profit, yet they are doomed, while the other companies are still not profitable and somehow things are rosy for them? A bit odd is it not?

It is thinking like this that leads me to conclude that the add ons will fail, both of them actually. It reminds me of the PC gaming scene. Sequel after sequel, then boredom, then death (in the words of ScissorRunner lol)

charlescox43035d ago

Who cares? The wii won't impact what ms and sony do.

yippiechicken3035d ago

Think about that statement for a minute....... :)

BeaRye3035d ago

How could a direct competitor not directly impact the direction and choices of the other two companies? You think the MS and Sony just jumped on the motion controls because 2010 seemed like a good time?

insomnium3035d ago

You are speaking of MS. Sony on the other hand has been involved in motion teck way before the Wii made it mainstream.

insomnium3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

There just is NO WAY to disagree with this. Some people here really are out of their minds.

MS was not interested in motion gaming until they saw how popular the wii became. They always choose the no risk approach when it comes to new things lately. The original xbox was a beast and I love it. This time however MS has been doing absolutely NOTHING but buying themselves into established millionsellers.

How about a disagree without proving me wrong?

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