What Would Make the Best Game Console?

Game consoles down through the years have been all different shapes and sizes. We’ve gone from the incredibly big PS3 to the tiny little GameCube, and everywhere in between. We’ve had good features like Xbox Live and horrible add-ons like the Power Glove. But what if we took all the good from the consoles and put them together into one super console? Let’s see what we can create!

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SinnedNogara2884d ago

System with great innovation, multimedia but most importantly games.

spektical2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

A cross of ps3's power/ 1st party games/multimedia, and XBOX Live and some of their games would be perfect.. also add some amazing platformers from Nintendo and ur set.

jack_burt0n2884d ago

Intergrated Bluetooth, Wifi, easily replaceable cheap harddrives with no size limit, bluray, full xvid and divx support, able to use any external usb devices you choose like keyboards, headsets, mice, portable harddrives, Free internet browsing, free online gaming, rechargable controllers, motion controls, head tracking, body tracking, etc etc etc

It only does...........

jidery2884d ago

Everything Sony says it can do, and for the case of Linux, not that.