BlizzCon Tickets Goes on Sale Today!

While Diablo: IncGamers reported on this last month, a friendly reminder from the site and the blues is just here to tell you the first batch of BlizzCon 2010 tickets are up for grab today at 19:00 Pacific Time.

This is actually tomorrow at 02:00 UK/Ireland time, and 03:00 Central European time! Just in case you’re planning to take a trip across the pond in the autumn, this is good to know!



It's of course 03:00 UK time and 04:00 EU time!!!

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King Klear2885d ago

Since I've been following the development of SC2, I feel like there is a blizzcon somewhere all the time. Must be because I've never been to one.

Djorgo2885d ago

It's indeed a sucker to live in the EU some times...

Cogo2885d ago

They are always in Irivne (Los angeles).

King Klear2885d ago

Well, I couldn't afford it even if it was on my doorstep =)

booni32885d ago

If your reading this, the tickets are sold out.

Djorgo2885d ago

Another 15 seconds opening to buy?

Cogo2885d ago

It's true it took like 15 sec to fill queues last year, but now it's a whooping $150 to get in...

Bandreus2885d ago

I think that will hardly be on the way for thickets to sold out light speed fast

Bandreus2885d ago

I wonder if those are going to last at least 30 seconds until it is sold out

Elly2885d ago

Set fingers to refresh.

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