The Top 10 Sunsets in Games

Sunsets in Computer- and Videogames create a great mood. But which games offer the best sunsets? Is it Far Cry 2? Is it Crysis? Here are some nice examples for the best looking sunsets in gaming history.

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AliTheBrit192728d ago

The sunset looks pretty awesome on the Horizon when playing Red Dead Redemption

Dnied2728d ago

I lol'd a bit when i got to #11.

AKS2728d ago

Beauty must truly be in the eye in the beholder for that one. That looked awful to me.

vitz32728d ago

Good list of obvious choices, but I'd vote Dark Cloud 2 in there.

-Alpha2728d ago

YES! I clicked on this article JUST to mention Dark Cloud 2. By far one of the most beautiful games I've ever played.

dizzleK2728d ago

uncharted...sub... 'nuff said

iamgoatman2728d ago

Isn't that Crysis screenshot actually a sunrise? Looks like the beach from the first level.

I always enjoyed the sunsets in Far Cry 2, the whole atmosphere would change, everything covered in those beautiful oranges hues. Also they lasted a decent amount of time, no over in an instant.

Good to see Oblivion in there, but would have added Fallout 3 onto that list as well.

My personal favourite.

dirthurts2728d ago

Still pretty awesome sunrise though.

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The story is too old to be commented.