A Theme Park Around Video Games?

Charles of TGF writes:

"Dubbed by its creators as “a totally immersive experience, that seamlessly blends both digital and real worlds,” Game Nation is supposed to be the world’s first experiential theme park…so this would make the line between reality and virtual reality harder to tell? The park is yet to decide on a location so I would advice all of us to not get our hopes up. Progress on the projects seems to be steady as RUKE, Creator of Game Nation, released information on the first of several “Districts” that will be featured in the park."

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Quagmire3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

The ideas would be...limitless! Burnout Paradise bumper cars, Halo lazer-tag, Arkham Asylum haunted house, Mario Kart - Kart Racing, Monkey Island Pirate Ship, Bioshock Aquarium, Sonic The Hedghog Ferris Wheel, Uncharted Log Ride, Pokemon Safari Park!