Free Super Mario Galaxy 2 at Argos

Argos have a new deal staring June 11th allowing the community to trade in any games that equal the amount of £34.99 and get Super Mario Galaxy 2 for free. This includes Xbox, Ps3 and Wii games.

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ProjectVulcan2971d ago

Get this game FREE at a game store, trading in pieces of paper with the queen's face on them equal to the value of 34.99!

Raf1k12971d ago

They're using the word 'free' to get attention and there will be some people foolish enough to think it's some sort of bargain lol.

leedobson2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Good if you have a lot of games you dont play no more. If they did a better game then maybe i would do it

Anarki2971d ago

There are plenty of game stores in the UK in which you can trade your games into to get Mario Galaxy for free. Besides, they're scamming people. I just checked how much they offer for games and it's really low.

They're offering £18 for modernwarfare 2. Which I can probably get like 22 or higher if I go to a more renown game store.

Optical_Matrix2971d ago

This isn't free...this is just trade in credit. Just like what just about every game retailer in the UK lol I can do the exact same thing If I went into HMV,GAME,Gamestation, CEX...good lord

TROLL EATER2971d ago

how that heck is that free

ReBurn2971d ago

Barter maybe, but definitely not free.

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The story is too old to be commented.