How would you change the Nintendo Wii?

Since we've already sent both of the other major consoles through the wringer -- along with the two most popular handheld units -- it wouldn't really be fair if we didn't come together as a family and give Nintendo's Wii the most bitter critiquing of its young life, now would it?

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Jdash244113d ago

i would give the wii a hard drive, also give it better graphics and more proccessing power so it can stand up to the ps3 and 360, also give it online play

unsunghero284113d ago

Everyone is going to come out here and say "I would make it with crazzzy good graphics and some l33t hard drive."

I, actually, think that if that happened, and Nintendo made a $400 Wii, it wouldn't sell and Nintendo would be doomed for the rest of eternity to make trading cards with cute anime characters on them.

If I could change the Wii, I would just make Metroid Prime 3 a launch title, Galaxy come out in May, and Brawl in August. If that happened then there would be no question that Nintendo had made a good console despite concerns over sheer brute power.

MyNutsYourChin4113d ago

I think a HD would be obvious if NeoGeo games are going to be on the VC.

ChickeyCantor4113d ago

Not really, ever downloaded a rom? they can come in small sizes (i.e 24 mb)

the greatest4113d ago

hard drive & blu ray player & 1080graphics
online play

ChickeyCantor4113d ago

it has online play.....have you been sleeping under a rock?

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The story is too old to be commented.