Tesco Launches Second-Hand Games Initiative

Supermarket Tesco has announced plans to jump into the second hand games market, following the lead of other non-specialist retailers before it to compete in the entertainment sector.

The retail giant will launch a programme where customers can sell current-generation games to a local store (£27 for a game purchased for £40, for example), that will be resold at a bargain price (£30) and a little profit. Those selling games on will receive credit on a Tesco money card, rather than cash......

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dangert123031d ago

considering all the online pass crap you've missed the best time 2do this =/

kevin360uk3031d ago

I don't bother buying 2nd hand. I find the majority of new release games depreciate in value very quickly, so you could possibly pick up a new copy for the price of what retailers sell at 2nd hand value.