Rare ditches gold logo for new look

UK studio Rare has undergone a facelift after turning 25, resplendent with four new logos.

“Both Rare and the games industry have seen massive changes over the past 25 years, and right now it feels as if both we and the industry are continuing to evolve at an ever-increasing pace,” said studio head Mark Betteridge.

The four logos can be found below.

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CrazyForGames3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

is that the logo there? looks rather dull
well what do you expect tough so are most of new rares recent games

dangert123002d ago

the old 1 was so sexy =/ whats this crap?

Conloles3002d ago

This one looks like theyve partnered with Game or something. Still as long as they keep producing good games I don't really mind too much.

badz1493002d ago

and Rare is no where like its former self. who cares about logo, just make good games and people would be happy!

TROLL EATER3002d ago

its most likely for the natal party games future

TROLL EATER3002d ago

for some reason this logo seems like its for natal party games

captain-obvious3002d ago

How the mighty have fallen
that's a very generic logo just like their latest games

I've lost fate in Rare sometime ago
and they need something really good to get that back
if you thought about it, no one gives a shit about Rare the only thing they mention are Halo gears and fable and non of them is a Rare game

if Rare was not owned by MS they'd go bankrupt a long time ago

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Qui-Gon Jim3002d ago

Rare is moving into manufacturing medical devices, right? If not, then yeah, it looks pretty dull.

tinybigman3002d ago

Who cares they suck anyway and haven't done a meaningful hit game since the N64 days. Nintendo knew what they were doing when they let them go.

Nihilism3002d ago

Maybe it will work out better for them than leaving nintendo


Davoh3002d ago

Why don't they stop making logos and start making a good game.

Halochampian3002d ago

look at all the hate on Rare.

Some good games Rare have made recently that I have enjoyed.

Perfect Dark Zero: not as good as original but a pretty solid launch title.
Perfect Dark: Remake. Still was amazing to play.
Kameo: Really fun game.
Viva Pinata: Yea.. different. but fun and not as childish as i thought

Qui-Gon Jim3002d ago

Their games have gotten pretty decent reviews if I'm not mistaken, they just haven't sold big numbers.

Montrealien3002d ago

it's cool to hate on Rare on N4G.

/on topi

I hate the logo, and I love Rare.

Bnet3433002d ago

they haven't made bad games for the 360, they just pale in comparison to their older titles.

AAACE53002d ago

I hope Rare has something good to show at E3 besides just Natal games... They are due!

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Cold 20003002d ago

Hope this means a change in Rare from the current ways this gen. Bring back the mega blockbusters we were used to with the N64.

Give us some Conker, a REAL Perfect Dark, a REAL Banjo.

Jdoki3002d ago

... and to continue...

Jet Force Gemini and Blast Corps please.

farrelljade3002d ago

maybe they will bring us some decent games this gen!!

goldeneye anyone??

qface643002d ago

your seriously still holding onto hopes of goldeneye?

koehler833002d ago

The gold is definitely gone.

mad-dog3002d ago

well, they don't deserve gold anymore, so that was wise.

horrible outdated web 2.0 logo by the way

DelbertGrady3002d ago

Very web friendly, but also a bit dull.

XactGamer3002d ago

Why is it that a new Rare logo attracts so many trolls? It's just a logo and fanboys come to hate... on a logo. Next up lets hate the letter X because it's too closely related to Xbox.

spooky2053002d ago

i dont see where anyone can justify that rares new games are on par with their older games. Rare was a AAA developer turned average. Its not an opinion or troll comment. Rare games have gotten more generic. You cant really tell me that perfect dark zero is on par with perfect dark. Or that banjo nuts and balls is better than the original platformers. Rare games are still not bad or awful but they sure arent good enough to take my attention away from other games that are coming out. Lets live in reality for a little bit shall we? Rare is a shadow of its former self.

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