B4HD: Star Control II Retrospective

B4HD writes: Star Control II is what a game of Star Trek should be like. Ironically, it is the one type of game that Star Trek has never been. We’ve had point and click adventures, first-person shooters, 3D space sims and even an MMO. But a sprawling, galaxy-spanning, single-player RPG/adventure hybrid? That never happened before Star Control II, one of the most fondly-remembered PC games of the early 90s.

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Corrwin2966d ago

I'm truly amazed at the depth of the game, and astounded I missed it the first time around.

I'm glad it's now Open Sourced, and if you liked the Planet Mining aspect of Mass Effect, you should try it out.

NexGen2966d ago

Well, compared to Mass Effect 2, at least this mining aspect is a bit more entertaining.

Anyhow, I recall playing this game in the early 90's, spending weeks replaying it over and over on my blazing fast 386sx 16MHz with 4 MB ram.

This is the game I purchased one of them new-fangled sound blaster thingys for.

Excellent game, and now that it is open source I recommend everyone check it out. Heck, it's been open source for 7 years or so now.

Related to this: Star Control 1 was similar in melee style but had strategy elements and no rpg elements. It was almost like a space chess game with melee ship battles. Star Control 3 was multimedia rich with the early plastic CG looking graphics and was an rpg like part 2. Most hated it, but it was decent. Part 4 was canceled but was supposedly heading to consoles years back.

Oh well, excellent game. In my top 10 all time best games ever list.

Kill Crow2966d ago

if we could have the MELEE part of the game on xsbox live or PSN as online multiplayer ...

I spent many many hours doing the campaign too ... love it !!!