B4HD: Grand Theft Auto Retrospective

B4HD writes: B4HD was technically too young to play Grand Theft Auto when it first came out. Not that it stopped us playing it of course. B4HD was fortunate that our parents, while conscientious, weren’t too bothered about us playing violent games providing we didn’t play them for ridiculous lengths of time. It helped that we’d always tell them about what the game involved and what we’d been doing in it which helped them trust us. They knew B4HD probably wasn’t going to go on a murderous rampage because of the games I played. If nothing else we were far too stubborn children to be swayed so easily by a video game. It may not have turned us into a gun toting maniac but we loved Grand Theft Auto.

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N4GAddict3001d ago

The game that started it all

Hideo_Kojima3001d ago

I remember telling my Mum when I was around 5...

You go around killing pedestrians and picking up the money to pay back someone because you lost his money.

I didn't know you had to do missions and assumed I should kill as many people until I get a certain amount of money but she freaked out a bit.

waltyftm3001d ago

Me and me mates used to have great fun playing this on the Ps1, Happy days indeed( loved killing the krishnas lol).

za3redrum3001d ago

Beste game in the GTA franchise imo. Gameplay was so good, so funny with that toy car that blows up cars. Cheats etc.

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