5 Things We Would Want To See From An inFamous Sequel

Play offers its suggestions of ways a potential inFamous sequel could improve upon the original

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-Alpha2911d ago

Didn't play iNFamous yet but there have been rumors of them having hired online designers so I'd assume co-op is coming, which I'd honestly love to see. Of course the focus should be on the single player but a co-op seems fitting for a super-hero game.

Colonel-Killzone2911d ago

I agree on the co-op It would be cool if Cole had a sidekick. Although I wonder what powers the sidekick would have lol or w.e they plan to implement. You should buy infamous its only 30 dollars and the main story is about 30 hours or so. So its pretty long and a fun experience.

-Alpha2911d ago

It's on my list for the summer. I've been wanting MNR though and I have to pay for LIVE too. inFamous seems like a great game, I really need to try it.

The_Count2911d ago

inFamous is one of my favourite games to date. So awesome taht I platinumed it :D

Trollimite2911d ago

he cant be the only good person to get powers from the blast. it might end up like blade. and theirs a whole other group of hero's that kill conduits.

hopefully they don't all have electric powers. lol

BeaArthur2911d ago

Co-op would add a lot of replay value. I went through Infamous twice and then I was left with nothing to do even though I still liked the game.

sinncross2911d ago

5 things I want from Infamous 2:

1) Stronger atmosphere: game builds up society as stealing, killing, raping: but everyone looks like they are just chilling out in poverty.

2) More powers, as the article says. I'd personally like Cole to be able to make an electric hoverboard for quick movement on the roads.

3) Stronger karma system. It was too black and white as the article says: something a bit more grey.

4) Get rid of the floaty jumping and the automatic cling: both only slow down the pace of the movement and are incredibly annoying.

5) Obvious upgrades such as graphics, better loading, hopefully none of the end missions sequences which pause the game for no reason.

I think Infamous 2 can be bloody good! Loved the first one but there were obvious problems with it.

yoshiroaka2911d ago

Good list but i would leave out the morality choices altogether.
I think it was the weakest part of the game and kind of unnecessary. Just focus on creating one great story instead of a good and bad path.

I would also like more boss fights and more well developed super villains. Cole needs a joker to his batman. Someone with an interesting back story.

Cant wait for it though. Hope the release date is soon.

Trollimite2911d ago

i liked the morality system.

when the citizens threw rocks at the bad guys to help me. or when they would stop to take pictures of you. i thought i worked nicely

all i want to see is some grapple moves. an electric bear hug would be awesome

lagoonalight2911d ago

Better loading lol. There was no loading to begin with minus like 3 seconds to get into the game.

All I want is better draw distance, textures all around, and script including mission people and what they need done.

yoshiroaka2911d ago

@Trollimite yea that was kinda cool but i can still live without it tho.

Faster gliding would be cool too and the ability to grab and enemy and run with them using them as a shield like kratos does...that would be sweet.

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avengers19782911d ago

Different powers, Maybe fire, or wind, they could use pretty much anything. As long as cole is back and as long as they keep the game play solid InFamous 2 is a buy for me.

sikbeta2911d ago

I want:

1· A bigger City
2· More "Physics" = I want To BLOW UP Everything with Electric-POWAAR!
3· More Powers
4· Bigger Story
5· idk

Bubble Buddy2911d ago

I want:

- Cheats, skins, extras, etc.
- More things to do after you beat the game.
- Possibly customize Cole's powers or have more deadly powers :)
- Boss fights like in Spider-man 2. Where they go around the city or something.

huzzaahh2911d ago

If you do end up getting inFAMOUS, DON'T try to Platinum it. It makes you notice the little flaws waaaay too much. After I Platinum'd it, I ended up hating the game because of how unfinished it felt after experiencing a million little glitches and bugs.

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Colonel-Killzone2911d ago

I wanna see that damn crazy ass villain they showed at the end of the game. Also wanna see how the beginning of the game is wonder if they will make us pick a role to choose like if you choose hero the city is clean etc and safe. But if you pick evil the city is in total chaos and destruction can't wait to see what happens.

huzzaahh2911d ago

It would be cool if it read your inFAMOUS save and transferred your morality level over. It would be awesome to start off as the badass dick that my Cole is.

nycredude2911d ago

One thing I want to see form an Infamous Sequel... A release date!!!!

Kingdom Come2911d ago

One thing I would like to see, the next step in Cole's evolution towards becoming a Her/Villain, a costume, Customizable would be good to and online super team battles in busy streets.

CobraKai2911d ago

Hell yeah. A actual user created superhero costume without that fanny pack. Did he even really need that thing?

huzzaahh2911d ago

I think he's just fine as a he.

PS360_372911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

a better way to figure out where the last two dang Shards are!!!

ExgamerLegends22911d ago

Yea those things are annoying. One shard stood between me and my first platinum trophy for a week.

Jsynn72911d ago

Same here. Insanely frustrating. It was fun moving about the city looking for it but, at some point, you just want to find the damn thing! lol

Silly gameAr2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

I'm 5 shards away from a platinum and I'm to lazy to comb Empire City for the 100th time to get them. I've pretty much given up lol.

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