The 20 most ridiculous controller in the history of videogames

From Dreamcast to Virtual Boy, from Colecovision to Atari 5200, takes a look to the 20 most ridiculous controllers in the history of gaming machines.

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GreenRingOfLife3032d ago ShowReplies(1)
JkLS3032d ago

Despite of its "TWENTIETH POSITION", I really miss the Dreamcast Pad...

Marceles3032d ago

The thumbstick was weird getting used to, and it was the first controller that I had to get used to reversing the SNES XYAB setup, but once I did the controller wasn't really all that "ridiculous". The D-pad and the triggers were good and of course the VMU was cool

aryan_irani3032d ago

the controller on the article picture looks straight up like a double dildo

spektical3032d ago

the gamecube controller should be on this list as well... too many buttons that did the same thing, and awkward positioning for the analog/ dbuttons

peeps3032d ago

is it just me or did the translate only work for the first page lol

Jrlibrarian3032d ago

On my browser (Chrome), it asks you if you want to translate every page separately, which is annoying.

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