How to keep your game console in top condition

Helium: Caring for your video game consoles should be a top priority, because a video game console that is properly maintained will last for a longer period of time.

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t8502999d ago

While its true the current gen of consoles need more care then the previous gens because they certainly are more complex.

The CPU/GPUS within the current consoles tend to get hot which is why fans have been put in place to cool the system.

The tips provided in this article are very noobie. Current Consoles work very much like PCs. I know i need to open up my PC every 2-3months clean out all the clogged dust. The system collects dust even though there is no carpet in my house(its all tile). I know it wont clean up without me opening it and cleaning it.

For proper maintenance the console should be opened up and fans will need to be dusted along with the internals or the dust will clog in a way which will eventually lead to the console becoming hot.

dizzleK2999d ago

ooh those colecos will rust right up on 'ya.

-Mezzo-2998d ago

I think Dust is the main thing we should keep away from the machine./