Does the unique control method for the Nintendo Wii make it a niche gaming system?

Helium: The unique control system of the Nintendo Wii does not make it a 'niche' gaming system. In fact, it does the opposite, shattering the existing 'niche' of video games and cracking the hobby wide open to everybody.

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Gr813034d ago

Uh no. It makes the other gaming systems niche. Hello, 70m+ compared to 35m and 40m lol.

EvilTwin3034d ago

Not only that, just look at the software. The games that get the most love on the PS3 and 360 are usually shooters, and FPS was PC-centric pre-Halo.

Nintendo, by contrast, has had a lot of success with more "traditional" console games -- 2D stuff, platformers, etc.

Titanz3034d ago

And people don't understand that "motion control gaming", is a good thing!

turok3034d ago

.... I like Call of Duty. CoD is only good on Wii tried it on my PS3 and was a HUGE turnoff. Why use analogs when u can just aim the gun urself unless u got no confidence in aiming (meaning you $UX).