GamerZines: Crysis 2 Interview - Part 2

GamerZines: The second part of our relaxed chat with Crysis 2's executive producer Nathan Camarillo. Today we focus on the original's legacy.

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N4GAddict2909d ago

Very informative interview. Looking forward to Crysis 2.

Conloles2909d ago

On PC the superior platform.

shazui1232909d ago

Not for gaming, unless you can live with multiplats only my friend :P
The best games are the exclusives, by a large margin in most cases, and there are a lot of them you'd be missing out on without a console. PC for multiplats, ps3 for the best games

booni32909d ago


Oh yes he did....

mad-dog2909d ago

I hope it will be great on consoles. But i kinda doubt it.

Nihilism2909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )

Is this game even coming out this year any more or has it been pushed to 2011 like just about every other game?

mad-dog2909d ago

i hope so. so far, impressions were not that positive.
But i guess there is still a lot of work to do.

ultramoot2909d ago

"They are quite worried and they don't need to be. I see the game every day and they'll have to trust me."

I'd rather trust my instincts thank you very much(sellouts). The whole game just screams "mainstream" and we all know what translates to. I sincerely hope I'm wrong but based on what we've seen and heard so far, I not optimistic at all.


Did anybody ever managed to run Crysis 1?

ultramoot2909d ago

What kind of pre-historic computer are you still clinging on to? Even an entry-level computer can run Crysis these days, just not on max.

iamgoatman2909d ago

I could run it just fine with hardware from the time of it's release.

Oh, and what ultramoot said.