No Zero-Gravity Levels in Crysis 2?

GamerZines: Crysis was one of the most beloved games to ever appear on the PC, yet there was one section which tarnished the entire game for some players, the zero-gravity levels.

At a recent press event we asked Crysis 2's Nathan Camarillo about this aspect of the original and whether it would return.

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BannedForNineYears3030d ago

There were 0 gravity levels? You mean if you jumped, you would never fall back down?
Or do you mean LOW gravity levels?

ColdFire3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

Oh no, flat out zero gravity, was very interestingly done. Even took things like recoil into account. You had thrusters to move of course.

Spydiggity3030d ago

i thought it was an interesting, entertaining section. i don't see how that part tarnished the game. the whole thing was less than 15 minutes

despair3030d ago

i kinda liked it in Crysis, except the enemies moved like lightning and you turned like crap...but still it was an interesting display of the physics engine.

ProjectVulcan3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

People are sometimes exceptionally harsh on crysis because of the way it looks. Criticising it as all looks, no substance.

These people have not played the game.

Its easy to see the visuals, and think thats just skin deep and dismiss it. Its reputation is built on its astounding visuals, but its not at the detriment to the core gameplay and story which is of very high quality too. This is a supermodel, but its not dumb. The zero G level is pretty clever, its mysterious, a change of pace. All the talk is about graphics, granted, but put it aside and be excited that crytek can design innovative levels and exciting gameplay too...

sonicsidewinder3030d ago

Funny, cus i actually liked that level. Come on, anyone who played it must've said "Woah! Cool!" when it went zero-G.

Ahh well, no big deal right?

Modestmex3030d ago

I like that part of the game it was different\interesting.


Aside from graphics, that was the only part of the entire game that made go "woah we have something here".

Well, maybe also the first time I gone strengh mode, jump over a house crashing my way in through the roof, kicked the hell out of 3 guys in invisible mode... I got impressed but it got old after 3 times or so...

They should totally re-do the zero-G and super armor. Zero-G because it was cool. Super armor because it was flawed, makes the game too damn easy, need to be better balanced so you don't feel undestrctible.

Pandamobile3030d ago

The space ship level in Crysis was absolutely jaw dropping.

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