Console wars: Wii versus Xbox 360

Helium: Ever since the first video game consoles there has almost always been competitions between two or more companies that have created systems. Between the years 2005 and 2006 three companies released seventh generation video game systems with dollar signs in mind, Nintendo, Sony, and finally Microsoft.

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Gigalol2845d ago

Xbox 360 > PC - PS3 - Wii .

End of statement.

Gr812845d ago

This is about as close as the DS vs PSP comparison. Wii has like more than 30m consoles on the market than 360 and sells the most software..some war.

turok2845d ago

I'd say Wii over 360 any day unless if your comparing online functions then 360 wins due to XBL.

As an owner of the Wii and PS3 I'd say Wii already won this war just waiting for the next thing microsoft releases.

eagle212845d ago

Wii is way better to me. :)