Which is the better video game platform: Console or PC?

Helium: This a great question, especially for someone debating over what they should spend their hard earned money on. I feel like the answer to this is very very clear. PC wins hands down in my book. Keep in mind that it might be a little bit more expensive to go with the option of the PC but its well worth it.

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qface643038d ago

i prefer consoles myself always have and i always will

PC gamers always say blah blah mouse and keyboard blah blah blah but i really prefer a controller myself
mouse and keyboard are terrible for me it might be great for you but im used to a controller myself

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taktak3038d ago

News flash

you can use any controller with the PC be it:

xbox controller
wii controller

or any 3rd party controller

cause it only does everything.. including giving you a choice on which controller suits you the best.

qface643038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

ehm if im gonna use a console controller why not just use it on the console that controller was designed for?

id be trading in gaming on my 42inch HD to play on a 16-17inch monitor
if im just gonna use a consoles controller then it would be no different than just playing on the console itself no?

@at below
why hook up a PC to a HDTV when i could just hook up a console and there would be no difference

i never said the monitor had to be 16inches im just using my set up as an example

t8503038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Its not hard hooking up a PC with a HDTV and for once actually experiencing true 1080 graphics.

Also why does the PC monitor have to be a 16inch? thats so 90's. These days for gaming 24inch-27inch displays are awesome and at very good prices.

24Inch display @ 2feet away = 40inch tv 15feet away

Having the option to play on different controllers is great.

I love the DS3 from the PS3. However Splintercell conviction is not out on the PS3. Hence i played splintercell on PC with the DS3. Feels just like playing on a PS3. Except the graphics really are 1080p and the frame rate is above 60, feels like playing on an overpowered ps3.


It would be ignorant to say that there is no difference. note all the console comparison, fans of different platforms compare even the smallest difference in texture or frame rate. In that regard the difference between PC version and console is huge. Some people actually like to play their games in full hd 1080p with a solid frame rate on all the games. Which is an experience no console can currently provide.

qface643038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

well im hapilly ignorant then im not here to say (insert console name here) is better that PC never was im here to say I PERSONALLY prefer playing on a console

i see no difference in consoles and PC other than the games and that is the main thing that makes me prefer gaming on consoles

things like better textures or smoother frame rates are really no big deal to me and since that does not matter to me then again there really is no difference for me

my point is pc doesn't really offer ME (not how ME is capitalized) anything i can't already get on my consoles so I choose gaming on a console over gaming on a pc

Proxy3037d ago

I often hear that PC gaming is just too expensive, that computers just cost too much, but oddly enough, my television cost more than twice what my (nice) computer cost.

nycredude3037d ago

Pc games look really really great on a 22 to 24 inch lcd, however when you plug it into a 56 inches hdtv, even in 1080p it doesn't look much better than the best console games. I know cause I am currently playing Crysis at 1080p on everything high and it doesn't look better than Killzone 2. more colorfully yeah but not better. Also playing Mass Effects on everything maxed and it's not much better than the xbox version to my eyese. That is why all these crap comparisons are useless and only fodder for fanboys.

Chris_TC3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

<<24Inch display @ 2feet away = 40inch tv 15feet away>>

That's not correct. If you double the viewing distance, you halve the perceived size. So 24" @ 2 feet = 40" @ 3.4 feet = 55" @ 4.6 feet

You need to sit VERY close to your TV in order to get a perceived image as big as on your monitor. In fact, my 82 inch front projection looks SMALLER than my monitor simply due to viewing distance.

JustTheFactsMr3037d ago

"40inch tv 15feet away"

Your 1080p is pretty much wasted then. At that distance 720p and 1080p are all but indistinguishable.

2X the screen height is about the maximum you should be sitting to get the benefits of the increased resolution.

At 4X you might as well be playing a 720p console game. Your eyes can only resolve a certain amount of detail at a given distance.

I suggest you fix your seating arrangement to get the benefits because right now your wasting your money. Your welcome.

Btw 40" is also about the minimum screen size to see the benefits of 720p vs 1080p unless you have your face pasted to the screen. That's why most companies didn't/don't make 1080p HDTV's smaller than 40". There is no benefit.

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Montrealien3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

I prefer gaming where the good games are, and guess what, sometimes it's on the PC, sometimes its on the PS3, sometimes its on the 360, sometimes on the Wii, PsP, DS, Vectrex, ect...

If you actually believe that one is better then the other, you must be a brand whore. One may be more powerful, the PC, but it is not how many coloring crayons you have, it is what you draw with them that counts and one thing MS proved many moons ago is that software rules, and good software can be found on any platform these days.

Minimox163037d ago

That's the best answer for that question! Gamers FTW!

Enate3037d ago

I have been trying to get that same statement across the right way for years. An no matter how I say it, it just seems to go over most peoples heads.

Imperator3037d ago

PC is by far better than Consoles, but consoles (specifically the PS3) have much better games (imo).

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )


PC has more power and can do better graphics than console, but the only game I would want to play that is PC exclusive is Crysis. PC got GTAIV a year late, hasn't got RDR, hasn't got Halo, hasn't got Killzone, hasn't got GOW, hasn't got Gran Turismo...the list goes on.

I mean, it depends on what games your into. If you love RTS or MMORPGs etc then you'll find the better games on PC. I dislike RTS and other genres that have good games on PC so I stick to console. Sure I can look at all the pretty colours on PC, but I'm still going not going to be playing a game I want to play.

sid4gamerfreak3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )


*double facepalm*

We all know which is the better gaming platform...PC

10 times better gaming experience than a console...

Mods, high resolutions, backward game compatibility, cheaper games, precise controls, biggest gaming library..

What a retarded question...

PC- It only does everything

EDIT: My comment below should be edited "Nothing more painful", for some reason n4g didn't make me edit my below comment...

Proxy3037d ago

One of the most interesting on the list of what PC can do is develop PS3 and 360 games. :) Can't create a PS3 game on a PS3.

raztad3037d ago

PC is a wildly heterogeneous platform and provides a different experience depending on your setup.

I would say online gaming is better done on consoles. Everybody runs at the same framerate, visual fidelity and there are no advantages due to better hardware.

Offline depends on your particular tastes, but for me consoles beat the crap out of PC gaming in terms of number of quality games on shelves. Except of course on genres where PC excels (or just cant be ported over) RTS, point and click stuff.

Multiplat games are always delayed on PC and on top of that PC owners are treated with nasty DRM stuff.

Game prices is not a real problem, games always price drop given enough time.

Final point, consoles are accessible, plug and play. A good PC has to be self built unless you want to be ripped-off and end up buying an underpowered POS for twice the price of a killer rig.

I love playing in a PC but not as much as on my PS3.

JsonHenry3037d ago

I choose PC over console ANYDAY. It does so much more than consoles and can use any input device/controller you throw at it and once it is outdated can be used for other non gaming purposes for years to come.

It is the ONLY way to truly experience 1920*1080 @ 60hz NATIVELY. No upscaling or image trickery.

Cold 20003037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Nothing more painful than playing on a PC with a mouse and keyboard on a monitor.

I have Mass Effect on the 360 and on my PC too (Dell studio 15).
Its just like day and night...PC just sucks out all the fun (the controls, smaller screen, less comfort etc etc)

@below: I prefer playing a sub hd game that looks stellar than the best game ever on a PC...just SUCKS!!!

sid4gamerfreak3037d ago

Nothing more than playing on a console running in sub hd resolutions..

Ouch, it burns my eyes!!!!

waterboy3037d ago

still beats all your games looking way better

jjesso19933037d ago

erm well why play small screen that probs wont do 1080p get 24'' pc monitor if gaming in chair or use hdtv and really mass effect can played on any controller on pc ps3,360,wii with ds3 tools and plays lot better than the 360 dose.

Nihilism3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

I'm not pissed, i'm just chilling to some wu-tang for old time sake, don't worry be happy...

Incidentally, the person that wrote that song...killed himself

Like I always say "as happy as larry, even if larry was a manic depressive" did my reply get down here :S

@waterboy below




No arguing there.

LightofDarkness3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

What? Bobby McFerrin lives on. And he's still great.

Anyway, PC all the way. I like options and power. I get a kick out of getting new hardware, tweaking it and seeing just how much juice I can knock out of it.

Fred-G-Sanford3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

"I know cause I am currently playing Crysis at 1080p on everything high and it doesn't look better than Killzone 2."

You need to get your eyes checked, son.

Crysis at 1080P with everything on high grabs Killzone 2 by the throat, activates "Maximum Strength" and throws it about 100 yards. lol

booni33037d ago

that PCs are a lot more powerful than consoles, but i cant determine how true that is.

Marceles3037d ago

It's really hard to choose, I like playing on them both equally. If I ever don't feel like playing on one, the other is a good change of pace

Inside_out3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

PC is for facebook...emails and emailing...farmville...down loading music....down loading movies...N4G...Streaming vids no one wants to admit to....lmao....

Really, a 24" monitor is like a 50 like a true PC guy who spends hours trying to get the right setting...You can stand on one leg, hop up and down and sit 2" from your won't change what your looking at....EVERY PC is different, meaning no two people will have the same experience playing the same game...

360 is plug and play...far cry, Splinter Cell Conviction, Mass Effect, Fable 3....doesn't matter....same experience for everyone...few players can play those games on high settings...Can PC be great for gaming???...of course...Does it have better graphics???...yep..under the right circumstances...high end rig with a team of engineers to program it a better platform for GAMING??? closed, moving on....

BTW...Consoles are becoming the future PC's WITHOUT all the optimizations...Piracy is killing the PC community...

kwicksandz3037d ago

better how?

Better graphics - pc
better online - pc
better game performance - pc
cheaper games - pc
Better FPS controls - pc

Steam and pc gaming FTW

sikbeta3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

You know What's the Problem With PC-Gaming, PC Gamers, Always looking at everything else like if it's Sh!T, always Comparing those Gaming Rigs with Consoles, always need to demonstrate something that never was questioned in First Place, Hell!, It doesn't matter for you if a Game is Great on a Console cos you simply will dismiss it just for the [Graphics] and Always looking at Consoles like if those Devices were Viruses that may be Eliminated...

You guys can feel Superior and Better than Anyone else for all I care, I just want to Play Games, If the PC doesn't have some Games that I want to Play. WTH I suppose to do, not play at all and downplay those games for not having better Graphics?

I didn't buy a PS2 cos it was a PS2, I bought it cos It has Loads of Games I wanted to Play, the Same was for the Gamecube and the Same Goes for the PS3 and SO ON...

Minimox163037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

man you have totally right, that the main problem with PC, the fan boys, the Wii has like 1/10 of the graphics that PC can do and its selling like crazy and Mario Galaxy 2 it right now the game of this generation with the higher score. and i don't see Wii fan boy over here saying thing's like PC fan boys do damn. For them all its graphics there graphics here, i want to know if they count girlfriend pixels ;/

Anyway games FTW!

Edit: like Montrealien said there great games of all consoles! Both are great! that's it.

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dizzleK3038d ago

this is gonna get ugly.

-Mezzo-3038d ago

I have nothing against a PC, i play a fair share of my video games on PC, but when it comes to choosing between the 2 i will certainly go with the Console due to the overall experience.

taktak3038d ago

Rather its the other way around

Consoles have become locked down PCs. As many of the parts they do use are old PC techs.

-Mezzo-3038d ago

lol, you got it right. :P

Montrealien3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

I dissagree, It is a platform.

FanboyAttack3037d ago

Personally, I like playing RTS on PC but I hate the fact if I want to pick up a new game I'm never sure how well it's gonna work on my computer.

Nihilism3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Lucky they gave you the option of turning the settings down, you won't have that problem when the next gen of console's come out, you won't have to wonder if the new games will work on your PS3 or'll just have to pay $599 to get them working....a new console price, that's far more convenient than moving the slider to the left in the game menu :S



Some personal favs:

Crysis Warhead
Dawn of War II
Sins of a Solar Empire Entenchment

E46M33037d ago

Lol what dchalfont said.

PS4 games wont work on the PS3. With PC they atleast give you the option to play newer games on your older setup.

Like wise 10yrs from now you can still expect to play your current library on PC, i wounldnt expect the xbox 720 to play xbox 1 or xbox 360 games. Neither would i expect PS4 to play PS3-PS1 games (PS3 already cant play ps2 games).

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3037d ago

Buuuuuttttttt if you want to play the newest games and get better graphics than a console your going to have to upgrade your hardware every so often. A top of the range new graphics card costs what? £250?