Are game consoles too expensive?

Helium: In today's world, video games are a major industry. Games from sports, to driving, to violent video games, to completely weird - yet hilarious - games exist and are available on games consoles as well as PC and/or Mac. It comes down to personal preference as to whether a gamer uses one or the other, but for me, a games console is too expensive for what it is worth.

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champ213032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

Games price difference between PC versions and console versions can be anywhere between 10-20usd. That adds up really fast once you total it up at the end of the year.

20games bought in a year * 10usd= 200usd

That can be a lot in a few years time, never mind the fact that console makers dont like giving backward compatibility on their next machine. So once the users buy the next machine, they either need to keep their old one plugged in to play all the old games (which mostly doesnt happen, people dont have the space to keep so much stuff) or they need to run out buy new games. Considering the investment lost on games that become unplayable at the end of the generation id say console gaming is very expensive.

200usd is enough money to upgrade your PC's with a GPU that will actually run games 1080p and save you money in the long run.

qface643032d ago

i don't think consoles are expensive but if things keep going the way they are now they will be later on down the road

WhittO3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

It is the expectations of the gamers that make the consoles so expensive.

We demand so much from them (playing music in the background, browsing the web, HDDs in the hundreds of gigs, powerful processors that will last 5+ years at playing games at a high level of graphics detail, social community with friends and text/audio/video chat, home media streaming, HD gaming/movies etc....the list goes on.

I for one am willing to pay the price for this, as they are actually UNDER priced for all that they offer, I use my PS3 for so much that it I would still pay £400 for it now, even though it is now £250 (which is VERY cheap considering what it offers, same goes for the 360.

booni33032d ago

it isnt like we'll be able to do anything about it, unless we collectively chose not buy something overpriced (costing them) until they lowered the price.

Hmmmm......(begins PlayStation 4 scheme)

Kleptic3032d ago

interesting article timing for my PS3 bricked this morning...3 years and 2 months of nearly daily service, and it ylod'ed seemingly out of no where...

that PS3 was $600 when I bought it...and now i'm sort of at a loss as to what to do...i was considering a slim for my bedroom anyway, so may go that route and try to repair the 60gb myself...which has been done by many, but it seems to only be temporary at best...and there is the $100 repair option from Sony, but you almost never get the same PS3 back...and i'll pay the extra money for a cool running slim and keep limp the 60gb for BC occasionally until they decide what to do about PS2 games with the PS3...

but yeah, still cheap for what they offer...but overall I definitely deserved this...the MAIN reason I bought a PS3 was because of watching 360's break left and right owned by friends and family...and in the end my PS3 is the only out of 20 plus close ps3 owning friends to pop...figures...

insomnium3032d ago

It costs 100 dollars to fix it? WOW! Up here in Finland it cost me 260 euros to get my 2 months out of warranty (2 years warranty btw) Ylod fixed. A houndred bucks is nothing. I payed almost 4 times that amount=)

I need the card readers and stuff so I'll keep my phat but maybe sometimes in the future I might sell it and get a slim. The original b/c 60 gigs have kept their value in auctions.

N4g_null3032d ago

Klep you are about to pay over $900 to play ps3 games. Ms has a similar hook with rrod and live.

Just wondering how old are you and have you ever built your own pc? Helll laptops are around that price.

I understand though it has the games you like yet is it possible to like other games on the pc or wii or even gasp the 360. I bring up the pc and the wii because the wii hardly ever breaks and pcs last forever and if they do break you can get a part for it or just up grade that part.

Another thing is how long do you think Sony is going to keep those online game servers going?

Hey but if you like what they are giving you and you can afford it then go and have fun yet gaming is suppose to be fun not a tech fetish.

No saying you have one but I sure do lol.

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shazui1233032d ago

Then you wouldn't be able to play all the very best games like uncharted 2, mgs4, gt5, killzone 2 etcetera. Having a PC for multiplats and a console for the very best games is still how its done, despite its costliness.

Kill Crow3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

Games consoles are too expensive. But they're hardly just games consoles anymore .. they're more like multimedia stations ... they do much more than just play games. So in that respect they justify their cost ... but just in terms of being able to play games they're probably on te expensive side ... that's my view

IdleLeeSiuLung3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

In my mind they are expensive because last generation around this time in the cycle the current generation consoles were at rock bottom prices. This generation only one console, the Wii, has hit the $150 and only another, Xbox 360, has hit the $200 mark.

Even worse is that the Wii price isn't even official, it is a sale to clear stock!

Sure consoles does more now, but that is how advances are in technology. I firmly believe consoles are overpriced at this point in time and where we are in the console cycle... All this manufacturers will push the gazillion life cycle, but it is time for new hardware and lower price on current generation consoles!!!

Davoh3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

It depends really, expensive as equivalent to what; compared to gaming computers consoles are really cheap, compared to previous generations, then consoles are getting more expensive depending on the technology. But I think people saw already how the PS3's reception went when it was initially released, so I doubt any company would want to release subsequent consoles with that high a price point again.

sid4gamerfreak3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

Of course they are. You're paying 300 usd for a console which is two generations behind current hardware, thus almost outdated, more expensive games and lower resolutions. Plus youll have to buy an entirely new console every 5-10 years, where for a pc u can just upgrade.

I dont mind paying a little more for a 10X better gaming experience on the PC

waterboy3032d ago

i havent even seen uncharted 1 and killzone 2 and metal gear 4 on pc this gen so behind what

Kleptic3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

there is little reasoning with die hard PC fans...while yeah, you guys have the hardware...but what developers are taking advantage of it?...Isn't crysis still the best looking game 'of all time'...when did that release?...2007?...

while consoles may not get the absolute best looking content...they at least get a lot more of it...and Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, and God of War III easily stand on their own visually...Crysis may overall be better at some things, but not to any degree where the console titles look 'dated' as you put it...

nycredude3032d ago

Wtf are you talking about, a new freaking graphics card cost more than all three consoles! And it's a downside, not a plus that you can just upgrade the pc. That is why the developers don't feel the need to optimize their code and program better games. This leads to compatibility issues and freezing and all kinds of headaches, which is par for the course in PC gaming. You have the wrong video card and some games won't even run for you.

Compare the price of consoles to say some other media tech, it's more than worth the price of admission.

gta28003032d ago

I don't think the question is "are consoles too expensive?". The question is, are you too broke? Lol

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-Mezzo-3032d ago

No i think that the kind of feature that Todays console provide justifies the price of the console, previous console never had no features other than playing single player Video games.

But it's the software that is way too Expensive.

Chris3993032d ago

And let's not forget the mass of peripherals we have to buy as well (all of the console maker are guilty of peripheralitis - some more than others though).

The entry level cost for a console isn't too bad, it's once you start to add features and MP that things get expensive.

E46M33032d ago

Consoles are closed platforms hence the console makers can get away with stuff like this.

While Sony is a bit more reasonable. Microsoft completely milks its base anyway it can.

50usd to go online
100usd for a HD that is obselete and for the same price you could get 1tb HD from other vendors
100usd for a Wifi device that costs 25usd outside.

Its milking allover over not to mention the 15-20usd extra per game price.

Recently bought blur on PC for 39usd.. checked console version 59usd.

Console gaming just is too expensive for anyone with a bit of knowledge can save alot going PC.

Chris3993032d ago

Also, with a proper home-theater setup, you can game from your couch on a nice t.v. just as comfortably as you would with a console.

There are some great trackball media boards too (as using a mouse on a couch is awkward - alternatively, you could just get a PC controller).

champ213032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

Thinking of hooking up a HTPC to the tv in my bed room. Equip it with a 5770 GPU enjoy all games at 1080p and use the machine as a media center.

Gonna link a DS3 to it for all my wireless gaming needs.

Imagine all the collection i can get on such a system.

All the classic arcade roms to all the console roms.. including Snes, n64, PS1, PS2, wii and many more

Since i already own a 100+game on steam those can just be installed anytime.

Have hundereds of songs on the system along with movies. Getting a couple of terabytes worth of HD space on PC is cheap now a days.

N4GAddict3032d ago

$200 games back in the old days

DelbertGrady3032d ago

But the games for them are. Especially considering all the content being charged for as DLC, and the new sales model where you need to buy a game new in order to use online etc.

Inside_out3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

The price of consoles are not the problem anymore. The price of games are. The industry is scratching there head wondering why games are not selling as well...simple...they cost too much...where I live, it costs $80 for a comparison, the 360 arcade bundle regularly is on sale for $99-129...If they expect a consumer to spend, for me as example, $960-$1,920 a year on gaming which is 1 to 2 new games a month for me which I easily's too much...