Starhawk Announcement Incoming? Dylan Jobe Presenting New Title to Sony Tomorrow

Sony is going to be testing the latest creation of Lightbox Interactive tomorrow, and the chances of it being the rumored Starhawk is plausible. Since Warhawk, Dylan Jobe has been silent, but it has been known he is working on a new PS3-exclusive title. Finally, new information is coming straight from Jobe's mouth -- or Twitter account -- that Lightbox Interactive will be showing their new game to Sony tomorrow. Just in time for E3.

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GreenRingOfLife2965d ago ShowReplies(4)
Lucreto2965d ago

I think it would be a little late to make it for E3. Sony would have finalised the games by now and be practicing it now.

captain-obvious2965d ago

i missed the first game but im buying this in a blink of an eye

why ?
simply warhawk looks fun as fuck
but its old now and i rather wait to play the new one

arakouftaian2965d ago

Test the game if they want me to buy it on day one
I'm not that easy ;)

ajeben8092965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

theres a demo on the store, give it a shot :)

LiquifiedArt2965d ago


Talk about a headache!
Playing with a group of buddies is near impossible in warhawk. Thats why the game died out so fast and its such a fun game, it pisses me off.

Similar to KZ2. So much potential. And yet they had to Fudge the control and not have a easy way to play wiht your buddies at launch. (Controls are still crap, Just rebought it and played it for a few hours, and yes i was #1-#2 position in all the matches)

Its so dissapointing. Such a great story and art direction too. Bleh.

JustTheFactsMr2965d ago

You can set up your own servers and reserve slots for your buddies so playing with a group of buddies is easy.

The game still had hundreds of servers available over 2 years after it launched.

There was never anything disappointing with Warhawk other than all good things must end. More fun than most games put together this generation.

XXXCouture2965d ago

omfg all those games get announced before e3, they must feel pretty secure about what they got

rob60212965d ago

They're showing it to Sony, not to us. That may come at E3 or much, much later.

Coheno2965d ago

I'm pretty sure they hand in milestones once a month to Sony, so this doesn't necessarily have anything to do with E3, although, Warhawk is from 2007 so it would be time for a sequel!

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The story is too old to be commented.