XboxGaming: Samurai Shodown Sen Review

"Samurai Shodown Sen’s Xbox release comes a full two years after it was originally released to arcades in 2008, and the gap between it and other fighting games is clear to see. It's a game that will forever be hidden in the shadows of its more illustrious fighting brethren, with the Street Fighters, Soul Caliburs and Virtua Fighters offering more in both the looks and gameplay departments."

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takohma2989d ago

Me n my friend saw this game today and got it since it was only 30 bucks and it sucks so fuckin bad that I feel like slapping the fucking gamestop employee who let me buy this over skate 3!!!!! Now I'm a fighter fan but this is utter fucking garbage I'm returning this shit tomorrow as soon as I get out of work I can't believe fucking SNK tucked this up this bad. I mean kof maximum impact was perferct. Uuuggghhhhh I'm so mad I got this game. This is why people bootleg