The Uncharted Report: 2 vs. 2 Deathmatch

A few days ago, Naughty Dog launched its newest multiplayer playlist in Uncharted 2, dubbed “The Lab.” According to the developer’s briefing, this new addition to competitive play will take place over the next three weeks, launching three new gameplay modes for players to test out. Though not set in stone, it is probable that the most popular of the three may get a permanent standing among the other existing game modes.

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mantisimo2997d ago

I actually enjoyed the change of pace in the 2x2 deathmatch although it did take longer and I was often paired with a complete Noob, BUT after a couple of games with the Noob I actually felt very protective (as they were getting blasted left right and centre) which gave a whole different feel to the game as I normally just fly solo and to hell with the others.

So helping your team mate in such a small match became the norm and made me concentrate much more on it being co-op. Yes I will play it again, Oh and I didnt use head sets. The only thing wrong was the dudes camping with situational awareness. This made a very big difference in this 2x2 so please switch sit awareness off as a badge of honour!