Street Fighter Announcement This Monday

Just a heads up: Capcom is planning to announce something "very cool" regarding Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix on Monday, July 23, the developers said today on the game's official blog.
What might this announcement concern?

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hikikimori4113d ago

Probably online fights?
But I wish they would re-work Capcom vs SNK 2, now that is the greatest 2d fighter ever imo.

Shaka2K64113d ago

Capcom vs SNK 2 was ok.

BTW this game is looking cool i dig it alot.

IBLEEDBLU4113d ago

OMG! their are soooooo many streetfighter games out there its not even funny

SF 1, SF2 , SF 2 turbo, SF2 turbo with a turbio on top, SF2 turbo chun lees shoe lace, SF alpha , SF alpha 2 , SF alphabets etc tec etc etc

like honestly - best SF worth playing are SF vs capcom series - everything else NOW is just over rated -

Lex_Yayo_4074113d ago (Edited 4113d ago )

The hell with Capcom Vs. SNK. It's all about the Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, if they was to bring that game back out they will sell like crazy. PS3 Exclusive only though, but everyone know Capcom is on M$ pipi.

hikikimori4113d ago

Marvel v Capcom 2 is cool, but I thought some of the supers where way cheap. I like Capcom vs SNK 2 coz it had sooo many characters and they were all full powered. Best Geese Howard/ JOE / Ryo / Ken / Honda ever.

Darkiewonder4113d ago

Cross-platform online play.

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