PS3Vault: I need a Remedy for my Quantic Dream

During this generation, game developments costs have seen record breaking numbers with some studios shutting down as a result of the financial strain. In order to cut costs some studios have opted to collaborate on projects and share technology. New IP’s have been extremely susceptible to financial issues. Heavy Rain, the PlayStation 3 exclusive developed by Quantic Dream, was released in February to critical acclaim. Despite its issues, it’s the closest example of a movie-like experience on a game console. Heavy Rain has proved that there is room in the market for a game of its kind.

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CrazyCary2970d ago

Good post. Just imagine, the best of parts of Alan Wake and Heavy Rain thrown together into a giant melting pot of gaming bliss. The collaboration would be awesome; unfortunately, would not work out and just become a pipe dream.

CrazyCary2970d ago

If only more developers could collaborate across companies, like Valve and Naughty Dog working together on a project to name an example.

Urya2970d ago

It's funny to see how we've gone from rivaling console-exclusives such as Mario and Sonic, to titles like Alan Wake and Heavy Rain.

xyxzor2970d ago

I would like to see these two team up.

clarick012970d ago

would be nice to see happen, getting the best of both worlds.

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The story is too old to be commented.