Eurogamer: Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer Hands On

Eurogamer writes: "There's being down and out in the Wild West, and there's being down and out in the Wild West. John Marston, the protagonist around whom Red Dead Redemption's story revolves, may start the game wounded and homeless, but he is still a man with a purpose, a few friends, a handsome face and, most importantly, a narrative trajectory to climb up and out of poverty.

Conversely, the first time you set hoof in the multiplayer States, your character is an undesirable picked randomly from a clutch of lowly vagabonds, militiamen or Mexicans, your transport a plodding donkey, and your only weapon a rusty six-shooter. There's little doubt that now you are at dusty rock bottom."

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I Love the MP, love it love it love it...

I went on for the first time after getting my 100% campaign done.

It's just feels like your still in the single player doing side missions except the random people on horses are not AI, they are gamers and you just can't predict what they are going to do.

Me and my friend were riding through the road to Mexico, we came across some random guy all alone. My friend was ahead of me and he just went past on his horse. Then my friend thought he would have a bit of fun and shot his horse out from under him. watching the horse collapse to the ground and him go rolling of it into the ground was just the funniest thing you have ever seen.

by this point I had got off my horse and was just watching him, as he got up and emptied the clip of the high powered pistol into him. Gunned him down in cold blood.

what a laugh that was... what we didn't know was this guy must have been quite high ranked and he seemed to have all the best guns in the game. He came back for us and when I say he came back, it was horrible. This one guy that we had picked owned us so bad we had nothing to laugh about by the time he was done.

He finally left us alone to lick our wounds. It was not pleasant, after that first kill we got on him, we could not touch him again he must have killed us each like 5 or 6 times over.

still moments like that make it all the more memorable.

Love it.