Level-5 International HQ Now in California, Europe in 2011

Level-5 is pleased to announce today that the company will have its first International establishment in North America starting in September 2010.

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BlackIceJoe3037d ago

This is really awesome news. Now Level-5 games will not take so long to come out of Japan. I wonder if these two new branches will just work on bringing games out of Japan or if they will be able to make their own games. I think this is great & can't wait to see what L5 has plans for in the future.

HyperBear3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

I can`t remember, was it not Level-5 studio who created Lair for the PS3? With the "back-then" hyped Six-Axis motion controls and the visually stunning game, which ended up being a pretty bad game?

But I can't wait to see what Level-5 N.A. studio will produce, just with a western touch and some sh!t blowing up, I can't wait till their first project gets under way.

Edit: Sorry I was thinking of Factor 5 who made Lair. Level-5 made White Knight Chronicles. Well, this is even better news that what I thought...Now I definately can't wait to see the N.A. studios first game.

Ravage273037d ago

i think you got Level-5 confused with Factor 5

HyperBear3037d ago

Thank you for that, I wasn't sure if I had that right or not, and I kinda figured I was wrong. Thanks for clearing that up.