Diehard GameFAN Review: 3D Dot Game Heroes

Diehard GameFAN writes: "Though I’m one of the biggest retro freaks on our staff, I am not a huge fan of this New Retro craze going on. What is “New Retro”? It’s when a game makes a huge deal out of being retro, but does it in a way that makes a big show of slapping its own back. “Look at us! We use old-school sprites, and we just made a reference to a popular old game! We’re cool! YOU HEAR US!? WE’RE COOL!” Are we really so desperate for nostalgia over time long past that we’re willing to continue to revisit those times, without even putting up the facade of innovation?"

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dizzleK3035d ago

change the title to New Legend of Zelda or the publisher to nintendo and he'd have creamed his pants, that's how cats like this roll. 'nuff said.

Studio-YaMi3035d ago

Because it's a Zelda wannabe ? =\

you people really need to wise-up a little in making reviews and stop acting so childish,the game is like a parody of old retro games that we all(at least I did) loved and played the hell of in the 80's and early 90's !

Zelda was one of the best in that era,so having a rollover to those early days yet again is like a dream coming true !

I bought the game,and I loved each minute of it,am actually sad that am not playing it lately cause of exams.

Just because its not published by Nintendo(and I LOVE Nintendo) or has the Zelda logo written on it (like the guy above said) then it's a mediocre wannabe game ?

No wonder developers hate this gen...