AusGamers: F.E.A.R. 3 Preview


So things kick off for this next installment, once again, with the original F.E.A.R. protagonist, Point Man. He's not alone though, and this is one of the key differentiators for this next F.E.A.R. piece. From a co-operative point we're given the other side of the Point Man coin in his psychotic brother, Paxton Fettel, whose psychic and supernatural abilities complement Point Man's obvious physical combat attributes. What we get then is not only a unique co-op experience, but some pretty gnarly tales being told between the game's progressive points of interest as the two siblings talk it out while their mother, the creepy and all-powerful Alma, tears holes in the very fabric of reality as she goes into a sort of ethereal labour, giving birth to God-knows-what (or does he?), all the while allowing ghastly, evil critters a free pass into the realm of the living where they serve up as tasty co-op combat bait.

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dizzleK3033d ago

damn, looks awesome. steve niles and john carpenter! day 1!

unfortunately this'll get so overshadowed this fall it isn't even funny, which is a shame. the fear titles have yet to disappoint me despite the tepid public response to part 2.