Wii Takes Over Sales As Retailers Drop Price To $149.99

Ironstar: "Previously we reported that Best Buy was selling the Wii for $149.99, now another retailer has matched the incredible value."

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dizzleK2820d ago

and people will buy natal? *wanky wanky motion* keep dreaming. hmmmm smg2 or red ball bounce? this is a tough one martha.

killer deal though, if i wasn't broke i'd certainly get another one.

i never seem to mention move when i bring up natal and that's purely because sony isn't hyping move like the 2nd coming of christ. hyperbole and hype don't work on me.

Tony-A2820d ago

And in other news, exactly what's been happening this entire generation is still happening.

More news at 10....

eagle212820d ago

Expect nice June sales for Wii. All these will go quickly.. :)