Game Vortex: Legio Review

Game Vortex writes: "Legio is a strategy game, and like most, it doesn't have to take a fantastic route with graphics to be enjoyable. And it doesn't. No, it's not bad, but it's not mind-blowing. It's dark, and weird, that's for sure. You've got your battlefield, which is laid out like a checker board. That's pretty straightforward, but then, you've got your troops and your main characters, the King and Queen. The troop called the Warrabbit is, well, more like a collection of limbs than any kind of rabbit. There are troops that look like traditional knights, but then it's a little out of place next to the big, gaping-mouthed monster called a Giant. You can feel that this game was going for a dark tone, but things are somewhat inconsistent. You've got the traditional, almost safe looking knight troop, then you've got this sprinkling of monsters that came from who knows where."

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