Activision on Developers: 'Our Record Speaks for Itself'

The Infinity Ward situation has not been pretty and there's been a lot of negativity thrown Activision's way in the wake of the firings and resignations at the Call of Duty studio. In fact, independent developer Insomniac called the Infinity Ward news "horrifying." Although Activision has seen a ton of bad press, CEO Bobby Kotick recently insisted, "We remain the top destination for development talent in the video game industry."

Kotick's claim was quickly backed up when Halo developer Bungie signed a massive 10-year deal with Activision. Speaking with IndustryGamers about a newly launched indie games competition, Laird Malamed, Senior Vice President of Development, said that Activision has always been a big supporter of the development community, and he doesn't see the Infinity Ward controversy changing that.

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dizzleK3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

HAHAHAHA holy crap that's funny. working for activision must be like working for a walmart sweat shop. *whip crack* you make spidah man game nao! *crack* you make mista tony hawk game! work fastah, we need to do 3 this month!

SOAD3002d ago

Not necessarily. I heard Activision gave Infinity Ward a huge budget and IW returned 60 million dollars of it after the development of MW2.

If IW had a different vision for MW2, they certainly weren't held back in the financial department. I think they could have used that money to improve various aspects of Modern Warfare 2 over its predecessor. It's easy to blame Activision because the CEO is a major low-life, but I think IW was receiving a lot of preferential treatment. The fact that they were primarily a COD developer isn't as big a deal as some make it out to be because it's what they did best and they had full reign over the Modern Warfare aspect of COD.

This all came down to royalties at the end of it. I'm wondering why IW decided to return the 60 million bucks of development funding and then demands royalty payments.

kaveti66163002d ago

If IW had kept the 60 million bucks as royalties, Activision would have brought charges against them for embezzlement.

The money was supposed to be used for game development, not as payment for development.

Infinity Ward was following protocol by returning the money, and then demanding royalties later. That's proper business procedure.

However, Activision has accused IW's top two guys of breach of contract for talking to EA behind Activision's back.

Activision is guilty of milking a franchise. I think Infinity Ward is guilty of not formally cutting ties with the publisher instead of breaching contract and causing this shitstorm.

Kalowest3002d ago

I would say that sounds racist, but I'm a open-mind black person, and i had to LMAO at that.