RUMOR: PS2 Games Coming To PSN

With developers starting to slow down producing any new games on the aging PlayStation 2 hardware, could the PS2 Games now appear on the PSN much like PSOne titles have.

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MattyF2998d ago

Wouldn't be a big surprise.

-Alpha2998d ago

No it wouldn't, but there is absolutely no source for this rumor. An unnamed mysterious source, does that even qualify?

As far as I know this is just a made up guess that will get fans excited and then possibly disappointed come E3. I'm not holding my breath. I personally prefer to see HD remakes.

ClownBelt2998d ago

If you listen to IGN podcast from last week, one of the editors slip up about PS2 games on the PS3.

despair2998d ago

he didn't slip up it was a rumour and said that...the reviewers have no idea if its true or not..this seems possible but as Alpha-male22 said its unfounded and will just raise hopes of many people.

Comet2997d ago

Pure 100% speculation...

Dragun6192998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

Yes! If Sony's own team has finally found a way to emulate the PS2 on the PS3 and announces PS2 Emulation at E3, then I can finally enjoy my PS2 collection on PS3.

I mean, I got a PS2 but who doesn't want to play it on PS3 if you have the choice to. Wireless Controller, Smooth Graphics & framerate and better memory management is just few things I would like to replay my PS2 collection with.


I wouldn't mind both, HD Remastered Titles and Backward Compatible Games.
I think the rumor is pretty plausible, Considering, Sony might announce the retirement for the PS2.

El_Colombiano2998d ago

I doubt they would release emulation for PS2 on PS3. At best they will release a catalog of games you can buy off the PSN regardless if you have the hard copy or not.

gta28002998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

Don't be a party pooper. We can still hope and pray hehe. Espero que si sea posible.

sikbeta2998d ago

PS2 is not in Retirement, Sony is waiting for the Beast to "die" by its own, they don't gonna kill it...

IF Backward Compatibility becomes True, it'll be DD-Games on PSN, but I hope Sony keep making Remastered/Collection Editions, RE4 will be there for PS-Move...

SaiyanFury2998d ago

@ Dragun

I'd love to see PS2 emulation on the PS3. Since I gave up on the 60GB model (I had 4 die on me), I've wanted to play games from the PS2 on my 80GB model that survives just fine to this day. Especially the games that have a progressive scan options like Star Ocean 3. If they release games on the PSN from PS2 fine, but as long as I can play my games on my main HDTV, I'll be happy. :)

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BkaY2998d ago

it would be a great addition to the psn.. but main question is are ppl who already own a game on ps2 will buy from psn? i dont know.. but i can see myself download my fav ps2 games...

i have launch 60GB backward compatible ps3.. but most of us got the 40GB or slim... but what sony can do is announce the ps2 titles for psn and add backward compatibility in next update so tht everyone can enjoy their fav games from ps2...


RememberThe3572998d ago

The leaked Sony/Sega meeting notes mentions that Sony wanted to put PS2 games on the PSN.

knight6262998d ago

i wouldnt be a bog surprise? its something a lot of people wanted to have ps2 games on the ps3 and if this comes true this will be awesome i hope this rumor is true their is a lot of ps2 games that are awesome and want to play again

gta28002998d ago

I'm hoping this is true. Just got my slim and I wouldn't mind PS2 emulation :) That would be an awesome compensation for "other OS" even though not many people gave a shit about that lol.

ThanatosDMC2998d ago

I really hope so. They need to trim PS1 game prices to $5 or less when this happens. They also need to churn out more PS1 titles on the PSN and also PSP games.

Yugioh card game on the PSP was actually really really good. I'm glad a kid a that i gave my Slim to let me play the game. Sucks it's not on the PSN. It was a great strategy game with fruity animation and nonexistent story line. I only won once in the two hours i played it.

Davoh2998d ago

Would be awesome if they did, but I agree with Alpha-Male22 would be good if they came with a HD makeover. But it doesn't really matter as I was one of the lucky people to get a PS3 with backwards compatibility, just wish it was hardware not software.

k2d2997d ago

If you're able to play PS2 downloaded over the PSN, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to play your old PS2 disc as well. Just saying.

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ShadyDevil2998d ago

If this is true that would be great!

thePatriot2998d ago

big plus of coarse. but what I think will happen is ps2 software emulation

MightyMark4272998d ago

PS2 Emulation is unlikely BUT possible. Just wait for E3 :)

zetsuei12998d ago


Would still be great and i would shit myself with JOY.

PSOne Classics with PS2 games, put the exclusives that you have with PS3 = Automatic win.Seriously, the greatest library ever made.

Imagine Silent Hill 3 & Silent Hill 4, MGS 3/2, ZOE 1/2, Final Fantasy X/XII, Sly Cooper with greater resolution 60 fps 1080p, dude THAT D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y make me sell my XBOX 360, i wouldn't (even if i had another job) have enough money to support two consoles.

Sony can have my SOUL if they make that.

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