Half Life 2: Ep. 3 at E3?

Mucu from writes, "So, Valve has canceled their E3 Portal 2 event. This is sad faceable, but perhaps it is for the best. You see, they have stated that a “surprise” will replace it. I love surprises! Especially when the surprise very well could be Half Life 2: Episode 3!"
Is it close to being announced?

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awi59513035d ago

I dont have H2 on my pc anymore the wait was too darn long and my save files are gone . Hell i forgot if you need HL2 for pc i bought HL2 and episode one i think. The rest i bought on 360 not sure how it will work. Guess i need to redownload it off of steam and see what happens. Hell ive had HL 1 since Launch day of HL2 still couldnt play it the graphics look too dated compared to the new and shiny HL2 when it came out all those years ago.

Guess i should get a mod with better graphics and finaly play that super old copy i have in the closet lol.

qface643035d ago

im not even joking this whole rumor about episode 3 at e3 happens every single year and every year it still doesn't happen

narked3035d ago

i just got cinematic mod 10.40 ... been blown away by it.

qface64 I agree, however it's bound to come sometime right?

R2D23034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

but didnt some one post a video some time ago with what they assume was Half Life working with NATAL.

If that video is real then HL EP3 can make an apperance on E3 - Also people are forgetting that NATAL will also be supported by PC.

Hope the PS3 gets a slice of HL EP3 but knowing Gabe I think the chances might be slim - but who know Gabe/Valve could shock us all with HL EP shown on the PS3 at E3.

TROLL EATER3035d ago

if HL ep3 was the only new announcement for e3 den this e3 will be a success

chak_3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

holy grail at last §§!!

get your package to E3 and show us some real gaming ! Haha can't wait, I'm just getting hysteric.

whatever it is, it's a valve product anyway, and an unknown one on top of that. ep3, hl3, source 2, whatever, it'll kick ass and make my day, roll on E3 !

@above : just wait for black mesa source like the rest of the world.

TheIneffableBob3035d ago

I predict Episode Three plus two brand new games.

Calm Down Sunshine3035d ago

I'd be happy even if the surprise was the Engineer update.

Squall50053035d ago

We heard similar speculations for Half Life 2: Episode 3 turning up at E3 2009.

It's as bad as the Shenmue 3 rumours we have to endure every year.

Why work yourself up every year only to be disappointed?

If it happens, it happens.

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The story is too old to be commented.