Evil Avatar: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Review

Evil Avatar writes: "Back to the well, does the old Prince still have what it takes to impress?

This is probably time for one of those disclosure statements: I love Prince of Persia, the reboot, as much as I did the Sands of Time trilogy. This fact put me in a pretty conflicted place when I learned that Ubisoft was to return to the PS2/Xbox era trilogy in a timely manner as Jakey Gyllenenenenhall was getting loaded up with steroids for the big screen adaptation."

The Good

* Quality puzzling in well designed levels.
* A practically perfect recreation of the Sands of Time with new powers and mechanics thrown in.
* A likable Prince as part of a quality story.

The Bad

* The worst combat system of any Sands of Time game.
* The levels do look rather boring compared to the reboot.
* There is a reported glitch toward the end of the game that hasn’t been fixed yet.

The Ugly

* You replay the same giant boss battle far too many times.

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