Sony to rename its PlayStation Move party game to “Start The Party”

For the past two months we’ve heard about the PlayStation Move’s flagship party game called Move Party that’ll have players on screen in augmented reality partaking in outlandish mini-game “fun.” While we don’t know how fun these mini-games will be, we do know that Move Party is only a working (See: temporary) title.

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Chris3992996d ago

"Move Party" was short, succinct and catchy.

"Start the Party" is too long and doesn't roll off the tongue nearly as well.

NYPunk882996d ago

'Start the Party' sounds corny as hell.


Start the Party, Start the Revolution.

DelbertGrady2995d ago

Or because Move Party is too similar to Wii Party.

sxpacks2996d ago

I like "Move Party" Better

ExgamerLegends22996d ago

How bout "Start the shovelware". Or "Start the BS".

Ooh no wait how bout "Start showing us some more core games." I have faith that move will be succesful but they need to really show some core games with move at E3.

MisterNiwa2996d ago

"Start the Bitching".

Mimimimi bu-bu-but there is no core games!!111

Did you see Motion Fighter and Socom 4?

ExgamerLegends22996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Hence the word "more" in my comment.

Edit:Regardless 2 core games isnt enough. SHOW ME SOME STAR WARS HOT BLAMMIT.

That gladiator duals game looks good though to be honest.

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The story is too old to be commented.