New Details on White Knight Chronicles 2 Concerning Transformation

Some new details have emerged about upcoming RPG title White Knight Chronicles 2 from Japanese magazine Famitsu.

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ShadyDevil3032d ago

Cant wait till this game comes to the states.

Keith Olbermann3032d ago

I played it a long time ago and put it down but I got it on sale for twelve dollars and picked it up. Now I play this and red dead. WKC is very addictive.

Quagmire3032d ago

dont forget the rest of the world

Davoh3031d ago

I always wanted my avatar to be able to transform, and being able to customise it as well is even better. Can't wait till it comes to UK

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TheHater3032d ago

jaw drop to floor...need a while to pick up the pieces :)

Ravage273032d ago

that means your avatar was the 5th pactmaker all along??

Godmars2903032d ago

Given that they're a 5th wheel throughout out the story, does it really matter? The 5th pactmaker is likely just as irrelevant.

Just hope, asides from your character having some actual existence in the main story, that if they're giving everyone in an online party access to Knights they have challenges to match. Boss monsters you only fight outside the story.

Redempteur3031d ago

NO it seems that these are knights that anyone can use that are less cheated that the main story ones or something like that ..

i really think the childhood friend of leonard is the LAST pactmaker

MightyMark4273032d ago

NOw the game is getting more interesting every minute. Lets hope this gets announced in the US this year!

Delta3032d ago

Yes, Yes, Yes!!! I can't wait till this comes to NA. I love WKC 1.

remanutd553032d ago

i love WKC too , i cant wait to play WKC 2

ingiomar3032d ago

This is one of the PlayStation games i wish were also on X-box 360... the other one is kill-zone

well maybe someday... i think level-5 is independent

PirateThom3032d ago

Yes, but Sony own the IP and Microsoft screwed Level-5 over with True Fantasy Live Online. There was no happy parting.

Redempteur3031d ago


NOt to mention that LEVEL - 5 is quite busy with SE & NINTENDO with dragon quest X

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